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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Birthdays and Pressies

A couple of days ago I celebrated another (ahem!!) forty something birthday.  As usual I had some wonderful presents, although I had my main one a bit early in the shape of my waspie waist mannequin.

Remember her?

Andy bought me Kirstie's Homemade Home, and Mum and John bought me Winston Churchill's My Early Life, so I will have plenty of bed time reading to do.

Now I am not really one for technology but since Andy and Louis have owned iPhone's I have been coveting one seriously!!  To my surprise Andy bought me one, and I have been really addicted to playing Trivial Pursuit, even in bed much to Andy's annoyance!!  Louis bought me some lovely perfume and I also had a couple of other bits and pieces from Mum and John.  So, all in all I had a wonderful birthday.

I have also been doing a little spending of my own, my brother and his wife gave me some money for my birthday so I bought myself this rather scrummy Comfy quilt.  I love it because of the, yes you've guessed it, faded roses fabric!!  It also has a plain underside, perfect for Christmas.  I have not seen a Comfy quilt in this design before.

I have also recently purchased this lovely gentleman's grooming set dating from 1920.  The two brushes are silver and monogrammed with the gents initials and date.  Weren't people stylish then?  It will probably either be destined for a fair next year or for the website.

Andy treated me to lunch yesterday as the roads were too dicey to venture out on my birthday.  We went to a little tea room near Market Bosworth which also houses a number of antique units....to be honest the antique side of it isn't brilliant but I did find this lovely Kilim style cushion cover and a gorgeous pair of 1940's floral curtains in super condition.  I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Whitemoors Tea rooms, they serve the most divine homemade soups.

 I almost wish I had somewhere to hang these, they are the most gorgeous old linen.  Hope you have all had a great week and no more snow!!  Take care.
Jo xx


  1. Happy Birthday Jo, so glad you managed to have a good day despite the weather.
    I love the yellow floral Sanderson? curtains.
    T X

  2. Happy birthday Jo!
    What lovely presents you were given....especially the grey mannequin, she is beautiful.
    Julie x
    Quite agree.... no more snow....the novelty has certainly worn off in this household!

  3. Hey Jo
    with regards to yur new venture, let me know when you are over as it is only about 10 minutes drive away for me, we can have hot choc in Violettas.
    T X

  4. Hello ive just found your blog .how fantastic . my name is Hesta I Thought i was the only one. how wonderfull ,how did you come upon the name. i make 1930 style hats on http://green-glamour.blogspot.com best wishes from hesta www.green-glamour.co.uk

  5. Happy birthday jo you have received some wonderful gifts
    xx fee

  6. Happy birthday Jo ! you lucky lady- your family know what you like ! love the quilt ! seeing that phone makes me want to update my own [ mine looks like a brick compared to yours ]

  7. Happy Birthday! That quilt is gorgeous.
    I was bought an iPhone last xmas - but rather than getting excited about touching the buttons I was desperate to sew a case for it.

  8. Belated birthday wishes Jo, love all your pressies especially your mannequin.
    Ann x

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, lovely pressies Linda xx

  10. Happy Birthday, belatedly! You got some super presents. Love the quilt. Abby

  11. Happy belated Birthday wishes Jo :0)
    Pleased you managed to have a good time even though the weather isn't too clever for getting out and about.
    Love your quilt, and those curtains especially.
    You lucky lady :0)
    Take care Jo,
    kind regards,

  12. Dear Jo,

    A little late, but HAPPY forty-something! And if birthdays bring such wonderful gifts, well all I can say is 'bring'em on'! Love your mannequin...

    Beautiful stall you had in Toddington!

    Thank you SO much for your kind words a few weeks ago - as corny as it may sound, you really made my day!

    Warm regards,

  13. Happy birthday to you...sounds like you had a lovely day and some beautiful presents, i would like to have a read of Kirsties book enjoy it ;-)) dee x

  14. Hi Jo, Birthday Wishes from Australia :) I hope you had a wonderful day, Tamara x

  15. A very Happy Birthday to you, my dear!

  16. Sorry I missed your birthday so belated greetings. You have some very nice prezzies there too.


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