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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wreath Making & Christmas Greenery

I have been busy again today trying out my floristry skills (or lack of them compared with the professionals!!)  I have been busy at the kitchen table this afternoon making a moss wreath decorated with Ivy from the garden, an ornamental cabbage and five red roses.  Great fun and very messy!!

Here it is, the colours look quite striking against our oak front door.

I did a wreath making course last year at our local garden centre and this has given me the idea to have a go myself and make a Christmas wreath for the front door.  I would love to have a go at doing a floristry course properly.  We are lucky we have some wonderful Ivy growing in our back garden so I haven't had to go out raiding the hedgerows (which apparently is illegal!!)

Some of the ivy left over I have wound around the Sanctuary lamp in the dining room to give it a festive make over.

I should really light the candle in it to complete the effect.

I have also finished off decorating the mantlepiece in the dining room with some Ivy and sprigs of holly from the garden.

Even the miniature Victorian Greenhouse on top of the old linen press which houses the television has not escaped being decorated.  I am still in the process of finishing off decorating so will do another post showing it all completed.  Hope you have all had a great weekend, and glad you all liked the story of the Fonz pinching my mince pie!!
Jo xx


  1. I loved the story of the Fonz pinching your mince pie! Bless his little face! Also love your wreath and the decorating you have done with your ivy. I would like to go out hedgerow raiding to make my own so I will have to watch my back! :)

  2. Jo - are you sure that he wasn't set up??
    Can't wait to come and see your lovely unit & obviously play shops together! hehe!
    T X

  3. It all looks lovely and festive Jo x

  4. Hi Jo,

    your wreath looks great love the cabbage plant on it very unique and stylish to. Your house is looking lovely and festive, look forward to seeing the rest. Take care Dee x

  5. Its all looking very festive - love the sanctuary lamp.

  6. Hi jo
    snap! I made a wreath too I used woven willow to make a ring and added holly and ivy and bits of Christmas tree from the garden and I am very pleased they cost £15 at the florist ,I love the ornamental cabbage idea though your home is looking very festive and I love that lamp .
    have a good day xx fee

  7. I love those decorative cabbages - I've got a purple one in a pot. Your home is looking very festive!

  8. I love your Victorian Greenhouse on top of the Linen Press...especially with the bottle of champagne(?)inside, is that your drinks cabinet or has it been put there out of the Fonz's way?
    Julie x

  9. I love bringing all the greenery into the house at Christmas. Your wreath looks lovely, I bet they're not easy to make.

  10. It all looks very festive Jo...Good job with the wreath, and I love your oak front door:)
    That lamp is gorgeous too!
    Hope your lovely dog has been behaving himself this week :)
    Take care Jo.
    Love Donna x

  11. Your wreath is just lovely - and unusual. I just fasten ivy to everything that doesn't move and like yours, it looks great. Happy Christmas.


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