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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Website Updated at last!!

Today we have had a good sort through of all my eiderdowns and quilts and I have got round to listing some new ones on my website.  I am notoriously bad for keeping up to date with my website as I prefer the personal touch of meeting customers at the fairs. But I felt I ought to keep it updated as so many people take my card at the fairs and hopefully will look at the website.

Gorgeous pink ones

A lovely masculine blue 

A gorgeous pair of vintage Velvet floor cushions

I would have loved to have kept these but sadly they don't quite fit in with my cottage, they really need a 20's or 30's setting to be shown off at their best.

A lovely old eiderdown cover, could be used for the fabric or even as a duvet cover!!

Mr G sporting a lovely original Edwardian Top Hat in it's original box...absolutely stunning.  As you have probably guessed, these are a few of the treasures I bought recently from Lesley in Kent.  It has been hard to part with some of them I will admit...
Hope you are all safe and warm and coping with our Arctic weather conditions.
Jo xx


  1. Love that first pink one - I'm sure I had that one as a child! Looks very cosy. Good luck with passing them on to new owners!

  2. Hi Jo,

    i have to say the first one is my favourite to lovely colours and pattern. I love the top hat and Mr G is a quite a dishy chap ;-)) Stay warm to. Dee x

  3. ooh ! I will have the pink one for christmas please ? quite rare, to find the original box for the top hat -look lovely on top of a wardrobe- where`s hubby gone ......I was just talking to him a minute ago ..

  4. Jo
    With such a beautiful stand and stock as you have, you should get in touch with Lizzie & Clare and get a stand at the Vintage Bazaar.
    I LOVE the boudoir and velvet cushions they are SO different.
    I had a lovely card from your Mum this week I haven't replied yet, as I have been really busty this weekend, on a secret mission - all will be revealed tomorrow night! If you speak to her say hello & thanks, I will reply asap.
    T X

  5. I just love eiderdowns and blue ones seem particularly difficult to find - that one is lovely. It's definitely eiderdown weather too.
    Ruth x

  6. Hi Jo, I love all your eiderdowns and the deco cushions and velvet floor cushions are gorgeous and very unusual.
    Ann x

  7. Those "cloud shape" deco cushions are so unusual....and more toile cushions too on your website.... naughty temptress!
    Julie x

  8. Hi Jo, thanks for visiting my little blog:) Its nice to meet you!

    I am lucky that I have finished my first few days back at work (I am currently only working Mon-Wed). I did decorate the office with a little tinsel so that cheered me up at least :) I must admit that most of my workmates are male, so I shouldn't be surprised at the lack of xmas spirit.

    Your blog looks lovely. I love love love your eiderdowns and your cottage is beaut-i-ful!!!!! I will add you to my blog list so I can keep up with your posts, bye for now, Tamara

  9. Hi jo, thank you for your blog comment, love the eiderdowns, I could easily sleep under about 5 of them here at the moment... it is still bloomin freezing. I will be in touch in the New Year once I know which of the stall holders wish to rebook for the VB next time! Lizzie x

  10. loving the eiderdowns ,specialy the pink one , its so cold here in Yorkshire that i sleep under a duvet and a eiderdown, brrrr... think I would find it hard to part with any of your treasure, you have a great eye for lovelies!! back soon, Linda xx


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