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Monday, 25 January 2010

Dig For Victory

I was having a rummage around and found these two lovely old photographs. The one to the left is of my Great Grandfather Pop when he was in the Home Guard during the Second World War, to the left and right of him are my two Great Uncles, Reg (who sadly died last year) and Les who died a few years ago. Behind them is Uncle Reg's friend 'Tosh' who came home on leave with him. They are pictured standing among the veggies in the back garden of Wendover Street where Great Nan and Pop lived at the time. The other photograph is of Pop's greenhouse in the back garden. I remember this well as I was very lucky to have known Nan and Pop. Great Nan died in 1990 at the grand old age of 97!! Pop died when I was a child in the early seventies. I remember Wendover Street with great fondness. Their daughter, my Nan, is 90 in February and is still going strong, we are having a big family bash for her, although she doesn't know it yet.
I love looking through old family photographs they bring back such lovely memories.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

One of my favourite pics

I just love this photograph my wonderful hubby has taken (not a man, but an angel!!!) All my new vintage naughties purchased recently, with a lovely jug of fresh tulips and roses to make us all think of Spring that isn't far away now!! Can't wait.

Gorgeous vintage fabrics

Gorgeous, scrummy vintage fabrics I have purchased recently, I promise I will make something from them in the near future when I have coveted them for a while, and they will go on the website. The cushion is from my lovely lady at Barn Antiques, oh and apologies for the nipple in the picture but I hadn't covered up my new 1930's beauty yet to preserve her modesty!

Spring is on the way

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, vintage patchwork quilt and flowers, with a pretty lavender bag that came with a cushion I purchased from Ebay from such a lovely seller, she makes the lavender bags and sends them with the item you have bought from her, Isn't that lovely?

Isn't she beautiful?

This is one of my new acquisitions. Hubby and I have had a day of shopping for lots of vintage naughties!! I saw this vintage 1930's mannequin and had to do a lot of grovelling to get hubby to part with the contents of his wallet, but wasn't she worth it, I am totally in love with her and can't wait to take her to vintage fairs to decorate my stall.
We had a fab afternoon out at Barn Antiques Centre near Stratford Upon Avon where I am always guaranteed to find such wonderful treasures. There are lots of different dealers under one roof, all selling lovely antique and vintage finds to suit all budgets. One stall holder deals in French painted furniture and vintage French textiles (and I have had the pleasure of meeting her, such a lovely lady), her stall is to die for!! I bought the Toile de Jouy fabric that you can see in the picture and a gorgeous quilted cushion from her. The major problem is this, I am meant to be buying these things to sell on my website and also to make my homespun items from the vintage fabrics that I find!! This is easier said than done when you have a habit like mine.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Elvis trundling along in the snow

Elvis our number two Pug, he really is the sweetest little Pug, and I'm very proud to say has just been accepted to become a Pets As Therapy visiting dog. We are all really pleased as he had to pass an assessment and meet a strict list of requirements. He is pictured wearing his Christmas jumper (I know Christmas has been and gone but I can't bear to put it away yet!!)

The Fonz making friends

Met a lovely lady and her dog on our winter walk today (Don't you meet some lovely people when you own dogs), Fonzie tried to make friends as you can see in the picture, and was really very sweet, the other dog was very patient!! Fonzie got a little cold so we ended up walking home with him tucked inside Andy's Barbour, in a type of Pug papoose!!

Snow Pugs and very cold people

Took three of our five Pugs out for a walk in the snow today. It was very cold but very refreshing and lovely to get out of the house and blow all the old cobwebs away!! The smallest one on the left is one of our two new puppies, the Fonz, the others are Elvis and PJ. Lily and Pinkie, the two fawn girls stayed at home next to the Aga. I love the snow, it makes everywhere look so pretty and it is so peaceful. Reminds me of when I was a child in the early seventies, and the great times we had in the snow. I love the fact that we still have seasons in this country, although for how much longer?