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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Looking Forward To 2011

Christmas and the holidays are over at last, not that I haven't enjoyed them.  We had a lovely quiet Christmas and New Year but now I am looking forward to what 2011 holds in store for us all.  As there is much tidying up and clearing out to do I decided to go down to my little work room and have a tidy up.

I think my summerhouse could do with a lick of paint this year when the weather improves as it is looking a little shabby to say the least.

Lots of bits and bobs ready for when I begin sewing, jars to fill with vintage sewing items , covered buttons ready for cushions, and plenty of books full of inspiration.

An ever growing collection of ribbons and buttons.

A fraction of my collection of vintage quilt patches ready to be made into cushions. 

Just some of the cutter quilts I use in my creations.

Baskets galore, and yet more vintage fabric stashed in the large basket.

A sweet little French screen purchased a while ago with the intention of covering panels in antique Toile...I promise I will get round to doing it this year sometime.

My trusty pink Roberts radio, on Radio 2 of course (well I am of a certain age)

Piles of feather filled cushions and bolsters ready to be used.

More boxes of precious antique and vintage fabrics all waiting to be used.  As you can see I have had great fun sorting through all my stash and tidying things away.  I cannot wait to get started now, sewing for the fairs and hopefully a new venture (if it comes off!!)  Hope you are all feeling inspired for the new year ahead and looking forward to what vintage goodies lay in wait to be discovered by us all.
Jo xx


  1. All those projects you have lined up will surely keep you busy! SueXXX

  2. Happy New Year, Jo. Love the look of your work room. Such glorious things! Happy vintage hunting!

  3. Jo, I would love to have a rake around in your workroom, it is full of my kind of treasures, fabric, quilts, buttons, ribbons, baskets...
    Is that a butcher's block I spy?
    It should be in your kitchen next to your gorgeous AGA....
    Julie x
    Radio 2 for me too!

  4. Wow! You have so much gorgeous fabric and ribbon! love the crown hanging from the ceiling too! Love Annie xx

  5. Wow, you have so many lovely things and so many fun projects lined up! I need to get started on my sewing again (and by this I mean carry on learning!) now the festive period is over.
    Happy New Year xxx

  6. Hi Jo,

    O Wow o wow o wow...where to start i love your summer house you are so lucky she is beautiful ;-) And O wow i would love to rummage through all your bits and pieces goodness you have some serious fabrics, buttons and goodies ;-))And i have to say i only ever listen to radio 2 all day every day my bush radio is never off its the best radio station out there, and one of my favourites shows is the "sounds of the 60's" on saturday morning ;-)) Happy new year to you and i hope its a magical one ahead. Dee x

  7. I love seeing real workrooms, yours looks full of lovely 'treasure'. Look forward to catching up with you later in the year.linda xx

  8. I love your summer house workroom Jo :0)
    Wish I could work in there too.. LOL
    I love looking at peoples work stations, it's so nice to see where all the lovliness is produced, and all those gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, cushions, baskets......sigh...
    Need a hand?
    Have a great week Jo.
    Take care,
    Love Donna x

  9. Wow, that lot is certainly going to keep you busy this year. Looking forward to seeing the finished result of the screen makeover.

  10. Ooh, lots of projects to get your teeth into there! Radio 2 for me too, though I prefer Radio 4 in the mornings:)

  11. Happy New Year Jo, I can't wait to see some of your new creations and finding out more about your your new venture. Hopefully see you soon.
    Ann x

  12. Hi Jo there's me trying to get a couple of cushions made :) as you can guess sewing isn't my best subject will just have to keep watching you
    Cate x

  13. Hi Jo, wow, what a treasure trove. I could spend hours in there. The summer house is sweet. Wishing you a fab 2011. Tamara x

  14. Woah, that is one full work room! Looking forward to seeing your creations soon.... Lizzie xxx

  15. Jo, it looks more like a Tardis with all that you have in there!
    I am generally R2 or R4, it depends who/what is on. I was traumatised to find that Tony Blackburn has taken over from Dale on pick of the pops!!!!
    T X
    Don't forget that coffee!

  16. oh I meant to say how terrible about the little Pug, I do hope that she is found!

  17. I wish I had such a lovely place to work!

    Could you email me....I couldn't find your email address & wanted to ask you something.



  18. Happy new year Jo, can I join the que to have a good rummage in your interesting work room?? love the french panel/screen and whats the crown hanging from the roof, looks very interesting?! give your little pugs a new year hug from me, back soon,Linda x

  19. Hi Jo
    thanks for the comments, I would just like to say that I thought I recognised your cushions when I saw them!
    They will sell well when you put some in the new venture.
    T X

  20. Wow, I'm so envious of your stash. Good look with the new venture (sounds v.exciting!)
    Love, Louise


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