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Monday, 17 January 2011

Vintage Advertising

A while back I purchased a wonderful collection of vintage items and ephemera from a lovely lady who was emigrating to Canada.  Amongst those items was a rather lovely old cardboard box containing a wonderful array of different vintage advertisments that she had collected over the years.  I had great fun sitting up in bed that night and pulling out the contents of the box.

The rather lovely box that I would guess pre dates the First World War.

Two very sweet childrens books that date from the early twenties, they are in lovely condition.

Vintage Marigolds!!  and love the original corn cure above it (and it is unopened).

A packet of unopened cold water dye.

More old packaging.

Wouldn't we love to buy these lovely cases at these prices, and there was 50% off!!  Mind you, they were very expensive for the time.

Beautiful coloured pictures of ladies and children in Edwardian dress.

I love these, my Mum found them in the charity shop where she helps out.  It is an original box of Edwardian dance cards complete with their original pencil.

I love the lady on the front (click the picture to enlarge).

Lists of all the dances inside the cards, the gentlemen would mark the cards so that they had the chance to dance with the lady, (I would have been one of the wall flowers no doubt and my dance card would have been empty!!).

A full box of mending cotton from Paris for stockings.

It is a wonderful collection and built up over many years.  I did promise that I would keep it all intact and probably add to it as and when I find things.  It is a fascinating record of how advertising has changed over the years.  Hope you all have a good week.  Mum is on her way up as we speak to help me list all of my stock for the forthcoming fairs!!  We are both going to be lost under a mountain of eiderdowns and quilts later.
Jo xx


  1. Lost under a mountain of eiderdowns and quilts? Talk about died and gone to heaven!
    Hen x

  2. What a fantastic collection. It just must have given you so much pleasure to dive into that box of wonderful memorabilia. And more fun to come while you list all your other stuff. Ann x

  3. this type of collection is SUCH fun isn't it- every piece tells a little story of it's own, oh how I love boxes with nice things in them!

  4. Oh how wonderful to find all those things inside the box. Such treasures.

  5. Don't you just love an unopened box I can never resist at a bootfair just hoping for treasure.Yours is lovely.
    Cate x

  6. Thanks Jo, I really enjoyed this post - I love advertising bits - they tell a story of our social history.

  7. Hi Jo,

    Wow a beautiful memory box i would have loved looking though there, what a trip down memory lane. Good luck with sorting all your things for the fairs, Dee x

  8. So many lovely things here, Jo. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Lovely advertising - hello to both of you!
    T X

  10. How lovely :0)
    What a fantastic collection. I especially love the darning threads and the little childrens books :)
    Have a great week, and I hope have fun with your Mum :0)
    Take care Jo.
    Donna x

  11. Wonderful advertising collection Jo....the dance programme is a real reminder of a time gone by. It is hard now to imagine the formality and seriousness of completing the dance cards.I might have got a tick in the waltz column if I was lucky.....but foxtrot? don't know how to do it...
    Julie x
    Enjoy your eiderdown and quilt burial!

  12. An amazing collection, and those dance cards, wonder what stories they could tell Linda x

  13. what a lovely thing to own and treasure x

  14. I've passed you the stylish blogger award, you can find the award and all details on my latest blog x

  15. oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Full blown flu's awful isn't it. I've had it twice and I felt like I was dying. Thanks for the heads up on the sampler, I'm watching now watching it. Have you booked for this years Northampton vintage fairs? x


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