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Sunday, 9 January 2011

To Sell or not to Sell...that is the question??

I am in rather a quandary at the moment.  One of my forthcoming fairs is the Manchester Antique textile fair on the 6th of March and although I do have some wonderful textiles to take I am trying to decide whether or not to sell a couple of my special pieces.

I have owned this beautiful crazy patchwork dressing gown for twenty odd years.  I originally bought it when I was a Student Nurse back in the 80's.  It came from an antique shop that sadly closed many years ago and I remember spending the last of my wages on it meaning I couldn't eat for the rest of the week!!

It really is beautifully made and dates to around the 1920's.  Unfortunately some of the old silks have perished but the panels that do remain are in the most beautiful and vibrant colours considering their age.  It is lined with green crepe.

I just display it on a mannequin although I have worn it (in my thinner days!!).
Herein lies the problem...can I bear to part with it now?  

This is the next one to give me a headache!  A beautiful Chinese hand embroidered jacket again dating to the 1920's.

The detail and embroidery are exquisite and must have taken hours.

It is in such fantastic condition for it's age.

The main body of the jacket is in this beautiful blue with embroidered images to die for.  I bought this again years ago when I was at University (Student Loan comes in very handy!!).  It came from a vintage clothing shop in Exeter.

I absolutely adore this jacket but unfortunately don't go anywhere special very often where I can wear it.

When I graduated I wore the jacket with this original 1920's dress that is sadly too delicate to wear now.  I am really struggling trying to decide whether I should sell these two very special pieces from my own collection....on the one hand I have enjoyed them for many years and perhaps it is time to pass them on, or should I still keep them and enjoy them??  Herein lies the quandary.... I suppose that is the problem with being a collector first and foremost.  Have a great week everyone.
Jo xx


  1. They're beautiful pieces and it's such a hard decision. I've parted with many of my favourite bits and pieces in the last year and managed to do so by knowing that whoever bought them would love and cherish them just as much as I did. Still, it's a really difficult decision because your items display so beautifully (I had no room to display mine)x

  2. Oh what a dilemma, the fact that you have the room to display them makes it harder as they have an ornamental value too! I have decided to thin out my stashes of collectables this year but they do not hold too much sentimental value so the choice is easier! Good Luck, whatever you decide!

  3. Oh how I know that dilemma!
    I am trying to have a serious clear out at the moment too..... then I go all stupidly sentimental and want things to stay, especially if I have had them for a long time.
    We really should be firm and sell!
    Julie x

  4. Hmmmm....thats a hard one. They are so beautiful and part of your past and memory bank. And you have loved them i suppose the question to ask yourself is how would you feel if they were not with you anymore and where you see them? how would it make you feel? And then decide from there. The good thing about memories is they always stay with us and so do photographs ;-)) Goodluck Dee x

  5. What a dilemma. I particularly love the dressing gown and would wear it for as long as possible. The thing is, if you are really not sure, I would keep them. You obviously love these beautiful things (I know you already have loads of other beautiful things). Suddenly, one day, you will know it is time for them to go. Everyone will give you good advice. Take it all in, roll it around in your mind, discard the ideas that you don't like and the right one for you will pop up. Best of luck. Ann x

  6. If you have any sort of niggling doubt, I wouldn't sell. If you don't need the space and can still display them I think I would keep them and perhaps re-consider in the future.
    Ann x

  7. I remember taking a beloved teddy to Ally Pally to sell and it was snapped-up fom my stall 1st thing.
    I wrenched it out of the buyers hand and said "No sorry, I've changed my mind!!"
    the poor (Japanese) man was totally confused- he said "but I didn't even haggle on the price".

    I've never regretted it, but I sold the bear later when I needed ££s for a vets bill!

    Take the items with you to sell, and see how you feel about putting them out when you're there (they won't take up much room) but whatever price you think of, put an extra £30 onto the price of each- if you're gonna sell them, make it REALLY worthwhile!

  8. Difficult if they have such sentimental value - but I'd try and sell them (definitely not for too little!!) - I think you'd get pleasure from knowing someone else will love them - and hopefully use them (well the Chinese jacket anyway). You could take more photos of parts of them and frame the photos as a memento? (not the same, I know..) In my recent post about moving from a beautiful house, many people commented 'How could you leave it?', but the young couple that bought it from us have since had a baby there and are loving it. And we're really happy in our new place. Sometimes we look after beautiful things for a while (we were there 15 yrs), then pass them on.... Good luck!

  9. If in doubt, don't sell. You will only regret it. You have loved them for so many years and they are a part of your life especially as you have worn them yourself. Keep them!

  10. A difficult decision but maybe it's time to sell them to someone who would love them as much as you obviously do.
    Jille x

  11. It's difficult decision, and would be easy if you try to do it with following some textile fair or expo. Sometimes visitor are looking for unique dressing. Or you can combine with hand woven textile to get more value. Actually I run on furniture business, but I know well about textile as my brother doing in hand made woden textile.

    Indonesia Furniture

  12. Oh WOW Jo.
    Such beautiful pieces :0)
    I think I agree with Ted n Bunny. If your gonna sell them definately make it worth your while :)
    But saying that, personally if I was in that much of a dilemma, I'd hold on to them just that bit longer :0)
    No help from me then LOL
    Have a great week.
    Donna x

  13. Oh Jo the dressing gown is to die for! yes its really hard,we are by nature hoarders in any case but when you love an item so much it is really hard,I agree with Elaine from Ted and Bunny only sell if you can get a really good price,genuine collectors will know their value and be happy to pay it xxx

  14. A difficult decision, toss a coin if you don't like the result you know what to do.
    Have you thought of loaning them to a textile museum they would be looked after but still be yours. I hope you enjoyed your donut :)
    Cate x


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