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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beautiful Needlepoint

Apart from my many other collections I love vintage/antique needlepoint and have collected some absolutely beautiful examples.  I have never attempted to have a go myself as I don't think I would have the patience.

A close up of my needlepoint rug in the lounge.  I picked this up in an antiques centre about a year or so ago and it cost around £50...which was nothing when you think of the hours it must have taken someone to sit and make it!!

I cannot believe the time and skill that went into making this piece!!  However it now takes pride of place on the wooden floor in the lounge.

I bought these two bell pulls (I think....what do you think?) years ago when we lived in Devon.  They were being sold along with a bundle of other embroidery and linen in the window of a cafe in Totnes.  This little cafe (sorry can't remember it's name) at the top of the town always has some goodies for sale in the window and I think the money goes to charity.  I didn't pay that much for them along with the other linen and they are the one thing I cannot bear to part with...I did think long and hard about selling them at the textile fair I am doing but just can't live without them.

The detail on them is amazing, and although I don't profess to be an expert on needlepoint they look really old.

They are backed in a silky fabric and because of the length of them I can only guess at them being bell pulls.

Another one from my collection is this sweet little needlepoint stool which must have been for the daintiest of feet (not my great size 8's!!)

The little stool is homemade and then someone has covered the top in this ancient piece of needlepoint...too lovely to put your feet on.

I also came across several vintage needlepoint kits to make little handbags and purses.

They are unfinished and I am going to sell them on at Manchester Antique Textile fair to people who do have the skill and the patience to finish them off!!  These are just a few pieces from my collection and I truly appreciate the workmanship and time that went into making these pieces.  Hope you are all having a great weekend.  I'll leave you with a picture of the Fonz curled up asleep in my arms last night!!
Jo xx

He's such a big baby and a real Mummy's boy!!


  1. Hi JO
    Love Fonz, the needlepoints are beautiful and as you say, the skill?!
    T x
    Am just going to email you.

  2. Needlepoint is a true art in its self, it must take hours but the results are stunning. I love your footstool what a little treasure. Have a lovely week, dee x

  3. What beautiful needlework. I used to love doing this but I cannot see as well as when I was 20, I really loved and prided myself on my sewing skills then!

  4. Oh lovely! I think the dear little footstol would do for one of my feet...

  5. Lovely little stool - such a lot of careful sewing! Love the unfinished ones too - someone with a lot more patience than me will love finishing those :)

  6. What a lovely collection- all that work...Linda xx

  7. The colours in those unfinished examples are especially lovely, and I really like your rug too! x

  8. Love the photo of Fonz. What a sweetie.
    That needlepoint is exquisite :)
    I adore all embroidery/ies and know from experience how long it takes.
    How lovely of you to save them:0)
    A lady after my own heart .

    Have a great week Jo.x


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