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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vintage Wedding Cake Stand

I don't know if some of you can remember but last year I found a beautiful original wedding cake stand with a mirrored glass top and in it's original box.  I took it with me to a vintage fair I did last year in Stamford and to cut a long story short it was bought by a lovely bride to be called Jane.  She promised me she would send me some pictures of the cake stand in use and here they are.  She has very kindly agreed to let me show them on my Blog.

They got married last December.  The cake and the flowers are stunning!

Copyright The Studio, Whittlesey

Here is a picture of Jane and her hubby cutting the cake.  I was so thrilled to know that the cake stand had gone to such a wonderful home and was going to be used once again.  She has told me that it now takes pride of place in her home and is being used to display trinkets on.  Congratulations to you both and thank you Jane for allowing me to publish your wedding pictures on my Blog.
Have a great week everyone.
Jo xx


  1. Beautiful Jo .... how nice to see a traditional arrangement and what a lovely heirloom to treasure for the happy couple x

  2. That is stunning! I love the way the cake and stand compliments perfectly the brides dress/necklace.
    For me this is the ultimate use of 'vintage' - taking a piece of the past and making it work so well in a modern setting.
    ... and wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to look back at other wedding(s) that the stand made an appearance at ...(I spend far to much time daydreaming about the past life of certain things!)

  3. Oh, how fabulous! That's lovely, to be able to have followed the story through too. The bride looks wonderful.

  4. What a wonderful story and what a beautiful cake stand...So nice that it is still part of their life displaying trinkets and not put away.
    Julie x

  5. I do remember that cake stand! and Oh how I love a happy ending!It looks stunning Jo xx

  6. oh wow! a stand like that makes the day!
    I baked and iced my own wedding cake, dropped it on the morning of the wedding and had to send Ted off to the florist to get a rose corsage to put on top and hide the crack!

  7. awww thats so lovely, enjoy your week, dee x

  8. That's gorgeous. It is nice to see a traditional wedding cake for a change - I had to have purple sparkly cupcakes at mine!
    I've passed you the 'stylish blogger award' :-)

    Becky x

  9. How lovely :0)
    And so kind of them to let you post some pics for us to nose at :0)
    Have a great weekend jo. x

  10. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥


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