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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flags & Fairs

Yesterday I had a stand at The Market Harborough Vintage Fair organised by the lovely Ann and her hubby, Trevor.  It was held at a lovely light and airy venue very close to the town centre and there was the usual lovely mix of vintage treasures on offer to tempt buyers.  True to form I have no pictures of the day but I am sure Ann will post some pics on her blog, Vintage at the Corner House.  My Mum is staying with us for the week from Devon and she indulged in a spending spree at the fair.  My first find of the day was, yes, you've guessed it, yet another huge vintage Union Jack Flag....as if I need another, but I couldn't resist!

It is rather worse for wear but just how I like them!!

This rather fab wire work shelving also came from Briony, the lady I bought the flag from.  It is going to be very handy to use for displaying fabric for sale. I also bought some wonderful French linen from Heather from Hellish Designs who coincidentally has just started a Blog.
Please pay her a visit as her stuff is to die for.

My rather wonderful find from our local car boot sale this morning.  I spotted this gorgeous Georgian pine cupboard and it had to come home with no thought of how Mum and I would load it into the Beast!!  We had to phone Andy to come to our rescue with the van!!  Mum has spent all afternoon ironing my table and bed linen ready for the fairs...she is a real trooper!  It has been the most wonderful but exhausting weekend, hope you've all had a great one too.  Now we are off to sort stuff for the Vintage Jumble next Saturday.  Have a lovely week.
Jo xx


  1. It was a delight to meet your lovely mum yesterday! It wasn't too bad seeing you either chuck! lol!

  2. It was another lovely day at Market Harborough yesterday ... Ann & Trevor are certainly to be congratulated on finding another great venue. Was lovely chatting with your mum and that cupboard is a great find .... twas all MDF and plastic at our CBs today!

  3. You scored really well with the vintage Union Jack and I adore the wire shelving.

    Beautiful post
    Helen xx

  4. wire shelving is sooooooooo useful isn't it.

    We were once ask to clear all the wire racking and wire lockers from a Boys School gym changing room and ever since we sold it I've kicked myself severely, because there isn't a single room that it wouldn't have suited and been really useful for storage!

    Does your mum fancy a stay here in Dorset- my un-ironed linen pile is taking on a life all of its own!

    Have a great week

  5. I would LOVE an old union jack...very jealous of your buy!

  6. Gorgeous pine cupboard and love the wire shelving. Have a great day at the Vintage Jumble. Wish I could make it there ... M x

  7. I love the wire shelves, I had a cupboard once and sold it - DOH!
    T x

  8. Lovely Georgian cupboard Jo.....sometimes you just HAVE to have things regardless of the practicalities of transportation.
    I am off to look at an old pine dresser this morning...can I borrow Andy and the little green van?

  9. Hi Jo. That flag is a whopper and that cupboard is a real find. The ironed cloths in it look truly wonderful Good old Andy and his van and good old mum and her iron. By the way our lovely lady is sitting very proudly in my living room and Derek has forgiven you so it is safe for next time...

  10. Hi Jo,
    Hope you've had a lovely week with your Mum (Mine is coming to stay with us as from tomorrow...)
    Looking forward to seeing you again at the Jumble..always another great hunting ground, isn't it? I wonder if there will be any union jack flags for sale! ;-))


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