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Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Indestructible Pug Bed!

At last we have discovered a dog bed that the Pugs cannot destroy!  The are very clever at picking open seams and digging holes in fabric!  

It came from a fantastic company in Axminster, Devon called The Reefer Sail Company.  They recycle and upcycle sail cloth into all manner of great products.

We chose the vintage tan sail dog bed.  They even personalise it with whatever name you want.  It comes flat so that you can fill it with old blankets or pillows, and it is easy to wash which is essential in this household with Elvis sprinkling on things! Another great thing about it, is that it is designed and made in the UK.
I am now busy getting ready and making things for the Cotswold Vintage Fair next Saturday, hope to see you there if you can make it.
Have a lovely weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo,

    I was reading about this company in a magazine last week and was thinking what a fantastic idea it was. I loved all their products. We would definitely need one of those, our terrier tears up everything! Your pugs are so cute.

    Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments, Tam x

  2. What sweeties they are! And how lucky to have such caring owners :o)

    The bed is a fabulous idea.

    Good luck at your fair next week.
    Have a great weekend this weekend, and take care Jo.

    Love Donna xx

  3. That is a great idea! And we wash our beds so much this would be a great bed for the girls.

  4. What a great idea! Dog proof? I need something like that too! Have a great fair, I am away otherwise I would be there shopping xx

  5. What a great idea! Looks like the dogs love it.
    Ah, Axminster...brings back schoolday memories.
    Sorry, I missed speaking to you (again!) at Market Harborough. I will get to say 'hello' to you,in person, one of these days!
    Z xx

  6. Hello Jo, I have missed your lovely posts and hope you are keeping well.
    I love the pug bed... how fantastic! I wonder if they do giant ones for ponies :)
    Looking forward to catching up on your past posts.
    Abby xx

  7. REALLY ... INDESTRUCTIBLE??? That is awesome! Mine have ripped the stuffing out of too many beds - I quit buying them! Instead that have one on a metal frame - similar to a hammock but a tight mesh fabric. Pug Hugs, Ellen

  8. Thank you darling for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol and bloodywell behave yourself! xx love Annie xx

    ps Love to Pug Daddy x

  9. The pugs look like butter wouldn't melt! See you at the fair xx

  10. Hello Jo,
    I wanted to thank you for your comment
    and tell you that it was a pleasure to meet you
    again, the fair was very nice.
    Best wishes for the exhibition in the Cotswolds, as I
    'd be there with you!
    a hug
    Suzy x


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