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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Vintage Treasure Trove

We are absolutely shattered but the day has been fantastic, so fantastic that I couldn't wait to do a lengthy post about it.  The Vintage Jumble organised so wonderfully by Jayne and Michele has gone off without a hitch.  We arrived early after a good run down the motorway and began the task of heaping all the goodies onto the waiting tables.  There was also some rather fabulous deals going on in the car park.....

This rather fabulous and very camp gentleman dating to the 1950's came from Liz The Washerwoman after a frantic email to her late last night after spotting him on her blog post!  Apparently several people witnessed my hubby wrestling him into the van with his hands placed on strategic parts!! We have named him Tristan Barrington-Havers, related to Jonty & Julian Barrington-Havers, two rather camp 1930's gentlemen I already own.  I know, mad as a box of frogs!!!

I have been after a French marriage dome for yonks, and being the eagle eyed person I am also spotted this on Liz's blog post destined for Newark.  It fits perfectly under my Victorian glass dome and I am so thrilled with it...thank you Liz & hubby. I also bought three lovely French linen sheets from Liz destined for cushions.

Andy bought this lovely old wooden crate from Michele, complete with writing on the side.

This rather gorgeous Vintage boudoir dolls head came from the lovely Viv who had a stand next to mine.  She came from Vienna.  I wish I was clever enough to fashion her a cloth body and make a vintage outfit for her to wear.

This lovely crème de menthe piano shawl and parasol came from another lovely lady called Geraldine who has the most wonderful selection of vintage textiles and trims.

This gorgeous Victorian bead work velvet cushion and sparkly bits and pieces came from Philippa Bowes , the lovely lady who made my decorated goose egg from a previous post.

All these lovelies came from Ali who had her usual fabulous selection of vintage trims and lovely French bits and bobs.

I purchased all these gorgeous grain sacks from Maud who sells wonderful vintage and antique French linens from her web site Beyond France.  Most of the grain sacks have monogrammes on them and are in lovely condition.  I also bought some pieces of mangle cloth linen always fabulous for backing cushions.

These lovely vintage fabric covered buttons also came from Maud.

A gorgeous vintage French plaster and gilt French bow from Liz.

This is what the van looked like when we returned home...a lot emptier than when we had started apart from the naughty purchases!!  Thank you to Jayne and Michele for making it such a fabulous and enjoyable day, and to all the other stall holders and the lovely customers who helped clear the van to make way for new purchases.  I am now in the process of enjoying a well earned glass of vino.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Enough, enough! I'm officially jealous.Cx

  2. I wish I had been there as a customer, had to do a shop run today.
    Well done Jo.
    T x

  3. Wow, that's got to be the most upmarket jumble ever! You found some great things.

  4. That was a jumble sale ?
    Wish I had been there....I would have elbowed my way past you for those grain sacks!
    Julie x

  5. What good company you both are. You made a
    very enjoyable day even better.

  6. LOL it looks like there is a body in the back of the van ;-)) I love the camp gentleman i have never seen one of those before with some clothes on i bet he will look real dapper. You came home with some wonderful finds. Enjoy them all and your week, dee x

  7. Such brillaint finds! I'm glad it went well and just a little envious... Jane x

  8. It was a great day wasn't it? My child mannequin is standing in the hall at the moment & the suitcase fits perfectly on top of Tamzin's cupboard, so thanks for bringing both of them to the Jumble. I had ELEVEN empty tubs when I came home!

  9. hope you enjoyed that well earned vino!
    Looks like it was a great day all round

  10. Oh my..
    I so wish i could have come to such an amazing sale!!
    You don't get jumbles like that round here :o)
    Imagine getting my mitts on all your eidys...

    I love seeing your buying and selling. Everything you have is so beautiful, and you have such an eye for pieces jo :o)

    Have a great week my lovely,
    and take care,
    Donna xx

  11. so pleased to see Tristan & the marriage are in a happy place! what a fab day it was on Saturday. Lizzie x (by the way Gloria is waiting to join your family!!!)

  12. Wow Jo! Wish I could have gone too! xo

  13. An empty van = a happy heart and a full purse!
    Great to see you both again and did enjoy our chat and laugh about the 'Objet curio' !!!!!
    Michele xx


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