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Friday, 28 October 2011

Cottage Industry

The kitchen has been turned into a veritable production line by hubby.  He is in the midst of making dried fruit slices to sell at the Christmas fairs that are coming up.

The AGA drying rack is coming in very handy.

Once the slices are fully dried they are decanted into Kilner jars.

The end result, all packed neatly into cellophane bags and labelled ready to sell.  I have also made up some Christmas Pot Pourri scented with Frankincense and Myrrh.  We decided to make our own dried fruit slices as finding them in the shops was quite difficult, and they can be expensive in a certain craft shop!  They look fab wired onto wreaths or hanging decorations or you can make up your own pot pourri.  

They are all packed and ready for the Vintage Bazaar tomorrow...please come along if you are able to.  Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.
Jo xx


  1. Jo, I'm so impressed! I've always thought about drying fruit but not got around to it... Good luck at the fair tomorrow. I wish I could make it. Jane x
    ps I used to live in Longfield Drive, at the top of Rectory Hill that comes up from Old Amersham. I lived there 1961 - til I went to uni in 1980. I wonder if we ever met?

  2. Oh the smell of those dried fruits must be delicious.
    Hope you have a brill day tomorrow. x

  3. ooohhh Jo i bet your kitchen was smelling amazing with all that going on. I cooked my own oranges for my xmas tree a few years ago and each year i seal them in a container they last for years. What a great idea to sell them. Have a great time at the fair. dee xx

  4. oh...I saw Dried Fruit Slices and I thought yum what a cheffy husband Jo has...like cakey almond slices and so came over for the recipe!
    Must stop thinking of cakes all the time!

  5. Oh boy does tha like a good lookin kitchen
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Jo that is such a good idea, I bet your kitchen smells amazing!! See you tommorow xx

  7. Hi Jo, Thank you for your kind works and sweet thoughts.

    Carl's dad passed away early Tuesday morning, his family was by his side.

    Thank you again, Tamara x

    Sorry, I could not find an email, address to reply directly.

  8. I bet your kitchen smells divine!
    Have the most fabulous day won't you.

    Take care my lovely,
    Love and a big hug for you,
    Donna xx

  9. Orange slices drying in an AGA...how wonderful!
    I'm not at all jealous, honest. One day I will get one...
    Your van is going to smell intoxicating on the trip to the Vintage Bazaar too with all that Christmas Potpourri and oranges.
    Hope you sell out Jo...
    Julie x

  10. I have my sons T-shirts drying on my aga lids! Think I may replace them with oranges... great idea Jo :)
    Hope you had a wonderful day today at the Vintage Bazaar. Abby xx


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