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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fabulous Fair & No 21!

We attended the V&H Textile and Fashion Fair in Chipping Sodbury yesterday.  It was an absolutely boiling hot day and the heat literally was like walking into a wall when we ventured outside after the fair...the weather seems very strange...not that I'm complaining.  We have just purchased yet another full size mannequin...and here  is Gloria in all her glory..no pun intended! This does indeed make 21 mannequins downstairs in various guises...yes, there are more upstairs!

We purchased her from Liz The Washerwoman and we reckon she dates to the 1930's/40's.  I actually was meant to pick her up last week in Totnes but we couldn't get her in the van.

She is sporting my satin 1920's/30's dress and shoes and a vintage hat with ostrich feathers.

I do apologise but Tristan still has no trousers though thankfully he is like Action Man in that department!!

The shoes are another recent purchase for my collection, they are kid leather wedding shoes and date from 1918.  The beautiful 20's appliques at the front came from Ali (Betty & Violet).

A gorgeous little Art Nouveau Appliqué that has been made into a brooch many moons ago, also came from Ali.

These exquisite late 20's early 30's shoes I also bought from Ali yesterday, I couldn't resist them, just look at the little ribbon roses on each one...wish I was a size 4!  The ostrich feathers also came from Ali (I think I single handedly emptied her stand).

Yet more Ostrich feathers!

This beautiful beaded satin wedding bag also came from Ali, it is so beautiful and goes perfectly with my antique wedding dress.

My final purchase from Ali was this 20's flapper necklace although she thinks it may have also been used as a belt as it is very long...Gloria is now wearing it.

This exquisite 1930's bag came from Helen.

Just look at the detail on the inside!

Gorgeous French fabric box from Clare (Daisy Darling).

These sweet little wooden clogs were very folk art and I bought them from Heather at Hellish Designs to go with my antique Decoy Ducks.

Hubby purchased these flight of drawers from Caroline Zoob, he is in the process of distressing them and I will take them to the fairs to display my haberdashery in.   The standard of the fair was fabulous as usual and there was a great mix of stands with something for everyone, it really was a great day spent with great people and I would like to thank everyone who visited my stand and made a purchase.  I would also like to thank Michele and Jayne for all their hard work in making the fair such a success. We had a wonderful day and spent too much so the emphasis must be on making money this month rather than spending it!! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and the sunshine whatever you were doing.
Jo xx  


  1. what cool stuff. Mom loves the drawers
    Benny & Lily

  2. Lovely as always to see you both again.. You never fail to bring some special flair to the V & H fairs and a smile to my face.. Wonder what the next topic of conversation will be!
    Beautiful finds and good to know that they were all under the same roof.

    Love to you both
    Michele xx

  3. with all those mannequins in your home you are never alone do you talk to them?I would.
    love all the things you have bought
    xx fee

  4. Hi Jo

    I am a size 4.... and could you please give Tristan some suitable pants as he has the most dreadfully knobbly knees.

    If you are Olney on Saturday will catch up with you both then


  5. It was really good to see you both yesterday. Glad you had such a good day. You really do buy the most stunning pieces .....you have such great taste Jo.

  6. Lovely purchases Gloria looks very glam.
    Would so like to go to a vintage fair but they always seem to be in the wrong place :)
    Cate x

  7. Jo, it looks like you were very naughty yesterday - not that I blame you! Beautiful, special things. Great to see you for a natter.
    Hen x

  8. Gloria looks fab in her new attire! I can see that you "saved me" from lots of naughty purchases on Ali's stand.. I was soooo tempted by those pink slippers first thing on saturday! Lovely to see you both. Lizzie xxx

  9. looks like you bought some really fab things- hope you sold lots too!
    Isn't it nice when you have a new manni to buy a whole new wardrobe for, and Gloria is certainly looking lovely.
    Have a good week Jo

  10. You were a naughty girl but I don't blame you! I wondered who would buy the drawers....better than a cement mixer Andy!

  11. Hi Jo
    This is my 5th attempt to leave a comment, don't know why it hasn't worked before! I am green with envy at all those lovely things you have bought and surely you won't be able to part with any of them. 21 mannequins - Wow! How about writing a post about them all and introducing us to them. I'm sure we've met some, but not all of them. Tristan looks decidedly disinterested in Gloria, I must say.
    Ruth x

  12. Truly wonderful purchases Jo! You are the best shopper I know! ;-))
    And I too always love what Ali has to offer on her stands...Far too tempting! Dangerous! :)
    Niki x

  13. Hi Jo, looks like you've bought some more wonderful'treasure'. Hope to see you soon Linda xx

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  15. Hi Jo, if you visit the side bar on my blog you will see young Pierre! He has no hair so borrowed the hat from Alan's fabulous collection. Lizzie x

  16. PS deleted my phone number from your comments as I don't want the world to know it! Ha ha. I have enough phone calls on the wretched thing as it is!!! Have a lovely day. xx

  17. Great buys Jo! Missed you at Olney on Saturday!

  18. OOOooo, lala!
    I LOVE your new looking blog, and your risque header! It's really cool Jo!

    If Blogger doesn't let me leave this comment, I'm gonna scream! And if he does I shall be screaming with excitement then lol.

    Hope Nan is still on the mend and you're all well and happy Jo.
    Have a great week,
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxx

  19. Looks like you had a fab day. I absolutely love all of your purchases. Really wish I could have been there.


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