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Friday, 30 September 2011

Just Had To Blog These!

Just a quickie!  I have been busy making a couple of last minute things ready for the fair tomorrow.  The conservatory is like a greenhouse and with the Aga on in the kitchen it is like a blast furnace downstairs.  However I did endeavour to make a couple of grain sack cushions for the V&H Textile and fashion fair in Chipping Sodbury tomorrow.

I bought a gorgeous grain sack from Liz (The Washerwoman's) hubby last weekend in Totnes.  I managed to salvage two panels to make one medium and one large cushion.

The larger of the two, nice and plump with feather pads.

The smaller of the two, both backed in vintage linen and feather filled.  I also have two small pieces that came from the bottom of both sacks with writing on which I will make into smaller cushions at some stage.  Trouble is I want to keep them!!  Have a wonderful weekend, and lets hope the sun keeps shining.
Jo xx
Ps.  Nan is still holding her own, and eating a little at last!  Thank you for your kind wishes.
PPs.  I have a new manni coming home with me tomorrow, that will make 21 downstairs!!


  1. hi Jo- I had to laugh cos trying to eke out the heating oil I refused to get the Rayburn serviced and lit all through the chilly days, and it eventually went on just as the heatwave hit!
    Talk about toasty!

    Have a good fair, glad your gran has picked up and those cushions are gorgeous

  2. I really think "21 mannis" is slightly excessive Jo... I thought I was bad with 5!
    Of course, I would be able to re home one or two for you if they are in the way....I never say no to a mannequin.
    Hope you have a good Fair tomorrow...
    Julie x
    Love those sack cushions, bet they were a nightmare to sew!

  3. Great news about nana! Loving the cushions darling! Have a fabby weekend and keep it clean! ;-P x

  4. Your cushions are wonderful Jo, and I don't know how you managed to make them in this heat, especially with the Aga on. I was going to turn mine off as it is due a service, but I don't have anything else to cook on!
    I read your PPs as: 'I have a new man coming home with me tomorrow' then I read on and thought, why does Jo have 21 men in her house?!!..... I need better specs I think :)
    So glad your Nan is eating, she needs to keep her strength up.
    Have a good fair.
    Abby xx


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