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Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend in Devon

I have just returned from a wonderful and slightly emotional weekend in Devon.  Mum and I both had stands at the Nostalgic Mix fair in Totnes on Saturday.  Lesley had organised yet another fantastic fair and it was very busy all day long.  There was a lovely mix of stands all selling vintage and home made treasures, all very different so something to suit everyone.  

I bought this beautiful black Victorian lace shawl amongst other things (too numerous to mention!).

I also bought this gorgeous and ethereal 1920's bridal veil and head dress from my friend Ros who owns a lovely shop called 'The Snug' in Ashburton.  Some of you will be familiar with her shop and for those of you who have never visited I can recommend a visit if you are ever down in the South West.  Ashburton has lots of lovely antique and vintage shops.

If you look closely you will see it still has some of the confetti stitched into the hem of the veil.

This beautiful French picture frame came from Liz The Washerwoman.  I also bought some beautiful linen from her hubby.  I can never resist their stand as they always have so many little treasures to ooh and aah over, and I never come away empty handed.  
After an exhausting day, Mum and I returned home to find that my Nan had been taken ill.  Her carer was very concerned as she was sleepy and not eating and drinking.  The Doctor visited and I managed to convince her to go to hospital.  To cut a long story short she is very poorly, and we all realise that this may be the beginning of the end.  My brother drove down from Cambridge yesterday as I had to come back home so he is there to support Mum and John.  We are all absolutely devastated but we do realise that she is 91 and her quality of life is not going to improve.  It has hit me very hard because I am very close to her and she is my last Grandparent, but I do realise that I am lucky to be in my forties and have my Nan.  I am just dreading the phone ringing now.
I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. Sending love and healing thoughts to you and all your family! love Annie x

  2. Oh, I do hope your Nan will be ok. I know what you will be going through. xx

  3. Oh Jo, my heart goes out to you my lovely :o(

    You may be very blessed to be in your forties, and still have a grandparent with you (I never new any of mine, and my parents are long gone too :o( ) but it doesn't make things any the easier to bear :o(

    I'll be thinking of you, and sending my love and a big hug your way.
    Take care my lovely, and if ever you want to have a chat, i'm here, ok?

    Love n a great big thinking of you hug,
    Donna xxOOxx

  4. Thinking of you Jo, I am sending you a big hug.
    Ann x

  5. Oh Jo i am so very sorry to hear of your news my thoughts are with you all. Big hugs and take lots of care, dee xxxx

  6. I am so sorry your Nan is poorly Jo.
    Thinking of you.
    Abby xx

  7. Hi Jo, I'm new to the blogging world and I'm amazed at the fabulous blogs I've discovered...yours being one of them! Going to make a cup of tea and have a good read and look at your adorable pugs, Belindaxx

  8. I was also very close to my Nan.
    I was not expecting music on your blog and nearly jumped out of my skin!!!

  9. Hi Jo,
    So sorry to read your news,i do hope your nan will be ok,keeping her in my prayers,

  10. Sorry to hear about your nan, I lost my nan in 1986. She had been such a capable, hard working person, and about 10 years before, found out she had Parkinsons disease, it was so sad, and I know how you feel.
    Sending big hugs to you both ((( ))) ((( )))

    Sharon xx

  11. Hi new friends..thanks for stopping by our blog. looking forward to stopping by. Love those frames
    Benny & Lily


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