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Monday, 5 September 2011

Shades Of Autumn

Well here in Derbyshire it is certainly turning very Autumnal.  The whole week is forecast gale force winds and rain....Mmmm just what we all need!  However there is a nicer side to Autumn, I love the colours of the trees as they turn (I don't like the mess they make) and I love battening down the hatches indoors ready for the onset of the colder weather.  I am in the throes of getting out winter quilts and Welsh blankets in readiness.

I also had a lucky find yesterday, from Freecycle of all places.  We were listing some bits and pieces unearthed in the garage (Hubby has been very busy tidying up the bomb site that was our garage) when eagle eyed me spotted a large picnic basket on offer.  I emailed the lady and last evening went to pick it up.

I know, a bit late in the season but I couldn't resist especially as it is a lovely large vintage basket.  As you can see it has had a bit of a makeover with the ticking fabric holding the wonky lids together and a Toile lavender heart.

The front garden has also had a bit of a tidy up in readiness for the cooler weather.  Hubby spent ages weeding the knot garden (or what will eventually become one) and we replanted the window boxes with evergreens and heathers.

It is a lot tidier now and makes the front of the cottage look better.

I even got on the step ladder and cleaned down the front porch and oiled the Oak front door.  Of course it had to have a heart hanging from it...suitably rustic of course.

One of the cast iron window boxes..they weigh a tonne!

Our lovely old apple tree is laden with apples once more ready to be picked this weekend.  It is reputed to be over 100 years old!  Our lovely neighbour has lived next door for 56 years and it was an old tree then she tells me.  It is lovely because she can remember how the cottage looked when it was still two dwellings.  We have managed to trace it back to at least 1850-1860  so very early Victorian and I have a picture of how one side looked in 1930!

The garden is still very green at the moment but that will all change in the coming weeks.  We have another apple tree and two pear trees that are laden with fruit so I think it's going to be shared with the neighbours with some left over for cooking.

A little bit more Autumnal colour, just to get us in the mood.  Have a wonderful week whatever you are doing.  Thank you for all the lovely uplifting comments and hello to all my new followers.
Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo, what a lucky find,. Your garden looks lovely, I know what you mean about signs of Autumn, I quite like it. Have a good week xx

  2. Hello Jo,
    I saw the pictures of the fair
    Cotswolds .... what a treat! It 'went well?
    I wanted to be there, I already miss
    England, Sigh!
    a hug
    Suzy x

  3. Finally managed to catch up with your blog! Love the photos of the fair and all your lovely purchases. The cottage looks so neat and tidy and ready for autumn that I am feeling extremely guilty about the state of ours. I need to get out with brush in hand and do a quick makeover! M x

  4. What a beautiful garden you have darling! And I have had a love of welsh wool since I was a kid, it is so beautiful!

  5. What lovely pictures Jo, your garden looks great. I don't know where you find the time to do all the jobs I just think about doing !
    Ann x

  6. I thought about you today Jo. I went to the market town near where I live and was in a lovely shop there. On the shelf was a big rimless clock with the most gorgeous picture of a [blonde] pug on it!
    I love your Welsh blanket and spotty jug, and what a great find the basket was too.
    Your garden looks so tidy, and I know how much hard work goes into it. I have to stop after half an hour or my back gets really sore (my excuse anyway!). It has been warm and sunny for the last few days, but the wind and rain is due here tomorrow too.
    Hope you have a good week anyway, whatever the weather. Abby xx

  7. Lovely tidy garden ready for Autumn, ours is full of conkers it will take me ages to tidy it up.
    The basket was a lucky find so much nicer than new.
    Cate x

  8. Thankyou for your kind comments re my mum. Love the picnic basket. I saw an old basket poking out of someone's dustbin recently and 'acquired' it. The base is broken but it's great for plants in the garden. Love the things you found in the previous post particularly the shoes. I have often seen things on Butik Sofie so am interested to know she is happy to ship to the UK.
    Ruth x

  9. Your cottage looks just gorgeous! x

  10. Hi Jo,
    What a lovely post. Autumn is my favourite time despite a very rainy day in Wiltshire today. I'm rather envious of your up-and-coming knot garden, I've always loved them.
    Jane x

  11. Hi Jo,

    Bagsy some of those apples please when I see you at Northampton....

    It looks like you and Andy have been very busy, the garden is looking very smart, must get going on mine but the weather outside is ruddy cold so think another cup of tea and a few more pages of my book are more inviting.

  12. Hello lovely,
    all looking lovely here and your preps for Autumn too look gorgeous.
    Just to tell you that I was pipped at the post by a certain someone for
    'Gloria, I will survive'
    ...first dibs please! xxxxx


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