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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Textile Treasures

I have been having a rummage through the cupboard in our spare bedroom where I knew I had squirrelled away some little bits and pieces that I purchased many moons ago.  I uncovered some little antique dolls dresses that I had bought in a lovely antique shop in Honiton when we lived in Devon.  Sadly this gorgeous shop is no longer there.  The lady who ran the shop with her hubby always had the most delicious little antique dolls and dolls clothes for sale.  I always enjoyed rummaging through them to find something for my Victorian doll to wear.

I will be honest I am not really a doll person, my thing is antique bears, but I couldn't resist her when I saw her in an antique shop many moons ago.  For all you doll experts out there she certainly isn't the finest of antique dolls but I love her.

She is so pretty and I bought the silk bonnet and fine lawn dress from this lady in Honiton.

Yes, she even has pants (bloomers) on...I always check, do you?

This little assortment of dolls dresses and an apron also came from Honiton.  The little apron is too small for my doll so I think I will be selling this little group at my next fair.

The apron is made from the finest lawn cotton and edged with beautiful handmade lace.  I am sure some of these clothes would have been made by the children who owned the dolls.  I own a 1930's Steiff bear who is dressed in a blue velvet hand made ensemble.

During my rummage I also came across these two little vintage children's coat hangers.

A little vintage children's Chinese jacket.

From dolls clothes to this beautiful late 19th early 20th century wedding dress.  I cannot believe that someone actually wore this it is so tiny.

The boned bodice doesn't actually fit on my mannequin (who isn't large) so I have to display it separately.  It is also very fragile so I wouldn't want to pull it around too much.  Even with a corset on can you believe people were that tiny.....this would fit a child now!

It does make a lovely display though don't you think?  I am going to carry on my rummaging and see what else I can find.  Enjoy the rest of the week, and I hope you haven't been blown away with the gale force winds!!
Jo xx


  1. That comment about the bloomers made me laugh Jo .... I strip them naked and have a real good look. Your doll is beautiful x

  2. aawww what a lovely doll i would have snapped her up to. I have to say that some vintage dolls i find really scary but not her ;-)) Those clothes are so delicate and pretty. I would love to see your Steiff bear. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  3. I have been having a major clear out today too and found things I haven't seen in ages.
    No lovely dolls or gorgeous wedding dresses though....just rubbish!
    Enjoy your weekend Jo,
    Julie x

  4. In my downstairs cupboard I have a hoover and a load of old tatt!! Am thinking you have exciting cupboards in your house......the doll is very pretty, and that dress, well, just beautiful. xx
    have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Oh she is beautiful Jo! I do like her.
    I like to have a look at their bloomers too :o)

    That wedding dress is so gorgeous! Sometimes when I read your blog posts I wish that you had an open house!

    Thankyou so much for your kind words on my last blog post. I had such kind comments from lots of lovely ladies. Sometimes I so love blogosphere!
    I too wish that you still lived nearer! Any chance of you moving back to Devon? lol

    Have a fantabby weekend Jo.

    Sending you love n a BIG hug,
    Donna xx

  6. I wish I had hidden treasures like these in my cupboards the doll is so sweet ,my mum has an old bear in her cupboard which I keep hinting about I am sure he would be happier in my house than in her cupboard but looks like I'll have to wait.
    Love the mannequin it looks very elegant but I am glad we don't have to wear corsets any-more I have enough trouble with bras
    xx fee


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