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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Victorian Patchwork

I was very lucky yesterday to buy a gorgeous Victorian Hexagon Patchwork quilt from a lovely lady I buy from regularly.  She usually has the most gorgeous eiderdowns for sale but this time I came away with this beautiful hexagon patchwork....and three eiderdowns...well I couldn't leave them behind now could I?

It is just exquisite, and fairly large.

It must have taken hours of painstaking work with all those little hexagons to piece together.

There is only slight damage to a couple of the hexagons otherwise it has weathered well, obviously being stored away safely.  I love how people were so thrifty making beautiful quilts out of all their little scraps of fabric.

It will probably being staying awhile to be coveted and then I may part with it if I can bear to!
  I am busy updating the website today and also have two fairs to get ready for, Northampton Vintage fair on the 17th of September and Totnes Nostalgic Mix 3 on the 24th of September.  Hope you are all having a great week.
Jo xx


  1. You're a busy lady, Jo! Hope the fairs go well. The quilt is really superb.
    Hen x

  2. What a beautiful quilt and so artfully displayed! When I was in my teens I made an ankle-length waistcoat (bit of a contradiction in terms!) out of hexagons of velvet. It was a sleeveless coat of many colours and was certainly a labour of love. I don't have it anymore (tho' I can't remember ever getting rid of it!) but I do have all the little card hexagons, some still with velvet tacked on, and whenever I see hexagon patchwork it takes me right back to my youth :-)
    The Time Sculptor

  3. Gorgeous quilt ... lucky you. Good luck at the upcoming fairs. M x

  4. Look forward to seeing you at Northampton xx

  5. Wow Jo, that is amazing, how much love and attention went into that? I bet the maker never thought it would last and be so loved!

    See you at Northampton gorgeous!

  6. oooooo....that quilt is just so beautiful you're going to have a difficult job parting with it!

  7. Great quilt...you must keep it for a while at least.
    It always amazes me how patient patchwork quilters are, making and piecing each little piece...not to mention creating a pattern too.
    Hope your next two Fairs are productive for you...both buying and selling.
    Julie x

  8. Hello Jo, What a wonderful quilt, I can't imagine having the time or patience to make something like that. I'm also a little envious at the soound of three eiderdowns, I can't resist them myself! Jane x

  9. OOOo, that quilt looks so scrummy!

    And so does the fabric box and beaded trimmings from your previous blog...

    I think I'm gonna have to start travelling further afield for these fairs you know..

    Have a great weekend Jo. xx

    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxx

  10. What a joy to spend time with such an amazing textile.

  11. Oh wow! What a beautiful labour of love! I don't think I would be parted from it!
    I promise I will come and say Hi! tomorrow...but you always seem to be so busy and I don't like to intrude!
    Z xx

  12. So sorry to hear you're feeling rough. Bad backs are no fun, I know! I'm sure with the nursing background you know what helps you; I find a bag of frozen sweetcorn wrapped in a tea towel can help a bit. Sometimes I find cold better than a hotty-bottle.
    You will be very missed tomorrow!
    Hopefully see you at Market Harborough next time.
    Z xx

  13. Wow that's a beautiful quilt!
    (I'm rather fond of your Jethro Tull playlist too! FAB)

  14. I can see why it was impossible to resist that quilt. Beautiful colours!

    Hope you have a great time at the fairs and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.. or less!

    Michele x
    P.s Fab music!

  15. Amazing quilt Jo, love it! I wouldn't be able to part with it! xo

  16. Thanks for your interest in my blog, Jo, yours is lovely too !
    Enjoyed the pictures of your dogs, wonderful !
    Have a nice day,


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