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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thank you & The V&H Textile & Fashion Fair this weekend!!

Firstly you will all be pleased to know that my 91 year old Nan is sort of on the mend.  We were all getting ready for bad news after last weekend but she has made some improvement.  My Nan is a real fighter and certainly made of strong stuff.  She is very stubborn and has been refusing treatment but is slowly coming round to the fact that everyone just wants to see her better and eating something!!  She is by no means out of the woods and may still deteriorate so we are not getting our hopes up just yet.  Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my last post, I came back from Devon totally bereft that I may lose my Nan and they were a great comfort to me..so thank you.  Now I can return to a bit of normality after the traumatic events of last week I have been busy getting ready for the V&H Textile and Fashion Fair this coming Saturday.  I have had to be a little inventive as I have only got a single table and I always take too much!!

A small sample of what is coming with me.

This beauty has been a recent purchase and somewhat bizarrely arrived half an hour ago by courier.  It is a late 19th century, early 20th century needlepoint rug done in the Gothic style which is a style we absolutely adore...just need an Edwin Lutyens house and my life would be complete (with a Gertrude Jekyll garden of course)!!  

Hours must have gone into this rug, I cannot begin to imagine how long it took to make.  There are some areas of wear which adds to it's charm but apart from that it is in fabulous condition.  

It has been worked in the finest needlepoint and the panels then joined.  We are going to give it pride of place on the wall in the dining room as it will fit in rather snugly with the Gothic Sanctuary lamp and antique wall lights we have...we do have a penchant for Gothic.  Does anyone have any idea how to hang a rug like this as a wall hanging please...we don't know where to start?  Have a great weekend and see you at the V&H Textile and Fashion fair if you can make it.
Jo xx


  1. Hi,am pleased to read that your Nan is a little better,I was very close to my grandma she was my everything and lived to be 93yrs old.Love your rug.Thinking of your Nan and sending you lots of love from Jill xxx

  2. Hi Jo
    Thank you for the good news concerning your grandmother. Will keep her in prayer.

    Your rug is absolutely stunning. I regret I have no expertise in hanging rugs, paintings yes.

    Good luch with your V&H Fair
    Helen xx

  3. My parents had a Turkish rug on the wall...my dad hand stitched brass rings to the rug and then hung them from hooks on the wall. I just need to find somewhere to hang it up where I live! That's a beauty! Lucky you!
    That is positive news about your Nan. It's difficult with aging, close family isn't it? (Well, anyone really!). My mum had specified DNR, but when push came to shove, well, I still feel a twang of guilt. If I'd kept quiet, would she have lived? But, the state she was in at the end, it was the right thing to do. But, OMG, it's hellish!
    Sorry, I meant to be supportive! But we are all here for you and gunning for your Nan!
    Have a great V&H Fair,
    Z xx

  4. what an amazing find... my in laws have a rug which they had framed before hanging on the wall.

  5. so glad that nana is slowly recovering, as you say, she is made of tough stuff!

    have a fab time over the weekend xx

  6. I'm glad to hear your nan is rallying, Jo. Could you sew a long slim sleeve onto the back of the rug, as you would with a wall quilt, passing a wooden/iron rod through the sleeve to hang? See you Saturday hopefully.
    Hen x

  7. Hi Jo, so glad to hear your Nan is hopefully on the mend. Have a lovely weekend and a fun time at the fair. Those vintage patchwork pieces you sent me i have made them into a cushion i will show it on my next post i love it and it sits lovely on my bed. Take care, dee xx

  8. So pleased to read that your Nan is on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


  9. I am so pleased that your Nan is feeling a bit better, and I hope she continues to make good progress.
    I am not too sure about hanging a rug up. I wondered if you could put some brass clips with rings onto it, then hang from a rail?
    Hope you have a great fair. Abby xx

  10. Hi Jo,
    Sorry about the test above, I haven't been able to leave any comments anywhere, and it's driving me mad -especially after keep writing them all out! :o)
    Anyway, I'm pleased to hear there is an improvement in your nans illness. That's good news!
    But it sounds like you've had such a stressful time of it lately, make sure you look after yourself won't you my lovely?
    I would say you could have a nice relaxing time time at the fair, but knowing what beautiful treasures you take, that will be highly unlikely ;o)
    Try and take it easy though Jo,

    You take care,
    Love n A big hug,
    Donna xxxOOO


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