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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Off To Totnes

Have had a busy week, getting ready for NM3 in Totnes this Saturday as well as recovering from a bad back, a legacy left over from my nursing days, either that or I am getting old!  Totnes is a long way for me to travel but I get to see my family, especially my 91 year old Nan who has had a couple of bad falls lately so I feel it is especially important this time.  I do feel very lucky to be in my forties and still have a Grandparent alive and   Louis to have a Great Nan.  I was lucky to know both sets of Grandparents and also to have two sets of Great Grandparents.  Mum also has a stand at NM3 and she has also been busy this week packing and pricing.

A small selection of what I am taking.  I still have some things to pack.

The beautiful Confit pot was a great find this week.  We have a little antiques centre not far from us and I found a couple of little gems hidden amongst the usual rubbish that is usually for sale there!

I also found this beautiful hand embroidered Chinese panel that had been crudely framed and literally had the edges taped as it was too big for the frame....sacrilege!!  Andy very painstakingly removed it from the frame and the offending tape and it will be coming with me to Totnes.

Lastly I will leave you with a picture of what our pear tree produced this year.  I will be taking some down for Mum along with some windfall apples and newly laid eggs from our chickens.  Hopefully see you on Saturday if you are able to make it.  Have a great weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Good luck Jo - hope you have a great time!

  2. have a really good day at Totnes Jo- look afer that back and enjoy visiting with your family

  3. I have exactly the same fruit basket
    small world

    hummm I am so wanting a pug

  4. Enjoy Totnes Jo...it will be lovely for you to catch up with your Mum and Nan again.
    I think it can be called "mixing business with pleasure"...have a lovely time!
    Julie x

  5. Sorry not to see you last Saturday. Have a great time in Totnes. Please send Lesley my kindest regards if you get the chance!
    That is great being able to combine seeing family as well...enjoy!
    Z xx

  6. Have a great fair Jo and enjoy the family get together. Hope Andy is doing all the lifting and setting up.... you can do the selling and buying! :) Abby xx

  7. Have a wonderful time at the weekend Jo, look a after yourself and that back of yours.
    Ann x

  8. Oh what lovely treasures you have!
    (I love the little case in the top photo)
    Hope you have a great time in Totnes

  9. It all sounds lovely Jo, and your fruit basket look scrumptuous :o)

    We had 8 pears this year. Last year we had one, so it's going up :o)

    Have a great time at Totnes Jo.

    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  10. Missed you at Northampton, Amy was poorly and I hear you was too :-( xx Send your mum and pug daddy my love, and too you too of course darling x

  11. Hi Jo, Good luck with the fair, I do hope you have a good time. I will see if I can come along to it. Jane x

  12. Wishing you a fun and successful day at the fair


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