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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Could Have Danced all Night........

After the trauma of the last few weeks and recovering slowly from 'Man Flu' I have at last got something lovely to Blog about.  This arrived from the lovely Shirley at Simply Chateau...... 

A gorgeous turquoise silk corseted Tutu dating to the 1920's.  It is absolutely tiny, I reckon a UK size 4 or 6!
I am absolutely thrilled as I never usually win auctions and believe me this one was a close call!

On closer inspection I could just about make out a name written on the original Paris Couture label inside the Tutu....G. Chernova.  We put the name into Google and found nothing but then put the word ballet in also and this is what came up.....

This lovely Ballerina was called Galina Chernova and the photograph looks to date from the 1920's so a similar age to the Tutu.  Unfortunately the website the photograph came from (Russians of Latvia) states that the text is not translated.  We are continuing to try and research more about this ballerina and whether this costume could have once been worn by her at the Paris Opera Ballet.  I will keep on digging and let you know the outcome, exciting isn't it?  Have a lovely week and thank you for all your support over the last few weeks it has meant so much to me and my family.  See you at the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday, now I've got to get a wriggle on and get organised.  Have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. I was watching all these amazing costumes with interest on Shirleys auction and wondered where they were going. I am so glad you got this beautiful Tutu Jo, and it is very exciting that you are finding out about the dancer who may have worn it.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my post. Spotty has a touch of arthritis, but is getting very well looked after!
    Good luck at the fair. Abby xx

  2. That is so exciting, isn't she beautiful, I just love that era. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday, my head is in a spin, can't think straight ArrrrrH!!!! xx

  3. Not sure if my comment save so will write it again. How exciting! It's always great to have the provenance to an item as most of us, I'm sure, wonder who previously owned something we treasure. I once sold a trunk which had a lady's name and several labels, some White Star ones, on it and was able to find out quite a lot about her. then I regretted selling it.
    Ruth x

  4. What a beautiful thing, lucky you winning it. I hope you manage to find out more about the ballerina.
    Ann x

  5. What a beautiful piece and so exciting to know who it belonged to. M x

  6. OOOOOOh! How wonderful!!! There were a few names in some costumes and I didn`t get chance to research them. How exciting!!! Can`t wait to see what you find.

  7. ooohhh Wow i am excited for you what a beautiful and wonderful item of history you have in your hands ;-) There is something so magical and special about the old ballerina's. Have fun at the weekend, dee xx

  8. I wouldnt even get one leg into it

  9. OOooo Jo, this sounds exciting! I bet the feel of that Tutu is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to when you find out more. It's such a beautiful colour too :o)

    I'm so pleased you're getting over your 'man flu ( :o) ) and are feeling up to blogging.
    I've been thinking about you these past couple of weeks, and I'm relieved you're not talking about that black dog that sometimes visits.

    Have a fantabulous time at the weekend. I was hoping to visit this one, but with our hospital stay imminent, I just didn't feel like I could.
    Take care my lovely, and have a great time.
    Love n hugs to you,
    Donna xxx


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