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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Captain Pugwash!!

Dirty, smelly Pugs!!

A very dirty Lily

A clean Fonz

Clean Pugs doing 'Pug Runs' round the kitchen.  Yes, we have bathed the Pugs this afternoon and now we are exhausted!!
Jo xx


  1. Don't think I'll try that with the cats!
    Z xx

  2. Oh that takes real stamina I know what its like washing Daisy and thats just one. By the way love your Aga it would look perfect in my kitchen maybe santa will bring me one lol.
    Best wishes

  3. fabulous! lol! Bet they are exhausted!

  4. Now that they are all clean and tidy after all your hard work, I hope they have pretty Christmas collars to finish the ensemble...
    Have a lovely Christmas with your family Jo,
    Love Julie x

  5. I bet they wriggled something dreadful!! Jane x

  6. Hi Jo - I have to do Florence later today, bath and hair-do!
    T x

  7. Aaaaww, look at them :o)
    I love that picture of Lily looking up at you, and you've got some gorgoues new pictures down the side too :o)

    Have a fandabby Christmas my dear, and I hope your Mum and john had a safe journey up.

    Take care lovely lady,
    Donna & co. xxOOxx

  8. This looks like lots of extra hard work, but they are all clean for Christmas now :)
    I think Spotty needs to go through a car wash!
    Abby xx

  9. aahhhh bless them ;-)) happy christmas have a wonderful time, dee xx


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