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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Last Fair of the Year & Christmas Shopping.

The Vintage and Handmade fair on Saturday was my last fair for the year and was certainly one of my best.  The doors opened at 10 am to crowds of eager Christmas shoppers.  The stands looked amazing and I was only sorry I didn't really get the time to go around and have a proper look.  Hubby has taken some pictures on his Iphone  and I will get him to upload them to my Flickr account as I haven't got a clue how to do it!  Hen and Niki both have written wonderful Blog posts about the day and have taken some lovely pictures so if you pop over to their Blogs you will see how fab the day was.  once again Michele and Jayne worked very hard to make the day so special, so a big thank you to both of them.

I was unusually restrained when it came to buying but I did buy Mum's Christmas pressie which I can't show as I know she reads my Blog!  I couldn't resist these beautiful silks and spools of metallic thread from Sallie Ead, she told me they came from Paris and date to about 1900.

They are all the most vibrant and stunning colours.  
Yesterday, Louis surprised me by taking a day off college to come Christmas shopping with his old Mum, pretty good for an almost eighteen year old don't you think?  We ended up in Matlock and horror of all horrors it was blizzard conditions and absolutely freezing!  Thankfully the snow wasn't settling as the ground was wet but we could see it up on the higher ground in the distance.

These two pretty little EPNS dishes had to come home as did the mini antique corsage.

The Victorian glass dome was a great find which I have housed my cherub bust under for the moment but I will probably sell it at a fair next year.

A sweet little French trinket box, French pin cushion and some vintage knitting and crochet hooks in their original case dating from about 1836!  We did also buy hubbys Christmas pressies which I can't show you as he reads my Blog!!

After a lovely day out with Louis I had another surprise, Hubby produced some flowers for me when he arrived home from work.....so all in all a fabulous weekend and great start to the week.  Hope you are all having a great week also.
Jo xx

PS.  Just walked into the kitchen to make coffee and saw this.....

Lily Pug piled on the others!


  1. 'Swoon'... Goodness Jo, I'm hyperventilating at those vintage crochet hooks and knitting needles! In their case too! Oh. my. word. :o)

    So pleased you had a good fair! They're some gorgeous buys you have there too!

    Love your son for coming out with you! My son (14) avoids coming out with me at all costs lol.

    Lovely hubby for buying such beautiful flowers too, although I know that you deserve them!!

    Have a lovely week Jo, and do take care my lovely lady :o)

    Love n hugs to you,
    Donna xx

  2. Look at all that cool stuff. A pile of pugs, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. aaaahh what a lovely photo of all the pugs ;-)) Its lovely to cuddle. I have to say those vintage crochet hooks and needles set my heart racing when you said how old they were just imgaine using and making something with them and wondering how many things have been made and what with them and who used them for the first time...now my mind is wondering. lovely flowers bless him, enjoy them and your week, dee xx

  4. Looks like you got some lovely things from the fair. That must have been what you were off doing when I stopped by your stand! My timing was not great - still it means that I have a good reason to come again next time!

  5. It was so lovely to see you both last week Jo. I'm glad you had a good one. I have just decorated the house and have used the dried oranges I bought from you in Frome. I thought of you both when I hung them, they still smell divine!

  6. Bet you are glad to finish for the year chuck! And don't those pugs look adorable!


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