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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Yet More Ballet Tutu's

Yes, I have been at it again, with Christmas pressies bought I thought I would treat myself to some naughties.  I'll start at the beginning...it all started with winning some lovely items from Renata in Austria off Ebay, I also follow her Blog Style Revisited.  She mailed me to say she had posted them, one of them being a vintage ballet head dress and I responded saying that I collect antique costumes and love ballet ephemera especially.  She then sent me the details of the most wonderful web site in Holland run by the lovely Merel, please take a look, it is gorgeous, www.demerelbrocante.nl.  

On her site was the most wonderful collection of ballet tutu's dating from the 1920's.  This beautiful pink satin one is now in place on one of my mannequins.  The little tulle tutu is absolutely tiny.

This one also has a dinky little satin leotard with a full tulle skirt and a sweet little matching head dress also trimmed with sequins.

My absolute favourite has to be this beautiful 20's lavender ballet dress with a gorgeous pearl appliqué stitched carefully to the front.  It has layers and layers of frothy tulle.

......It even has frilly pants!  They all have labels in them saying 'Patsy Richter Ballet' but sadly we cannot find out anymore.  perhaps they were travelling players?  The pieces are handmade but not couture pieces so I would imagine they came from a small ballet/theatre company and not one of the larger company's.

The downstairs now resembles a theatrical costumiers in a winter wonderland but I love it.  I love the eccentricity of it all and being surrounded by all these wonderful old costumes that were once on stage, the only problem is I'm running out of room!  I will show you the items from Austria when they arrive.  I'd better get back to the housework as Mum and John will be here on Friday and I'm on a go slow as I've hurt my back (again)!!  Have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. These are gorgeous Jo! I so love the lavender one too. They do look tiny...
    I love the last picture, with your lights around where they're hanging..:o)

    I'd just want to sit and look at them all I think..

    You take it easy with your back my lovely...
    Take care Jo,
    Love & a big hug to you,
    Donna xx

  2. OMG! How gorgeous are they! What an amazing display!

    Bad back - all that sexing!! Have a great Christmas and give me love to Andy and your mum!

  3. Stunning display Jo.
    Take care & kisses to all.
    T x

  4. Goodness, they are gorgeous. Like you say, they look so pretty.
    I'll try and have a word with BRBs Archivist over Chistmas, see if I can find out any info for you. How exciting!
    I tended to make the boys ballet jackets, but I had to make 30 pairs of frilly knix...I was so bored I ended up sewing up the side of my finger with the industrial machine!
    Never did THAT again!
    Have a lovely Festive Season and hugs to those adorable pugs,
    Z xx

  5. I think you oughta dress the pugs in them!

  6. They are lovely! You will be able to put on your own ballet production soon. :-)
    Hope your back improves very soon.


  7. Hi Jo,
    I love the lavender one with the frilly pants too....fab!
    Hope you all have space to sit down somewhere at Christmas.....the sofa looks a little full...
    Julie x

  8. Hi Jo, so sorry to hear you have hurt your back i hope is gets better real soon. I live every day with a bad one and it can really get you down at times. Im loving your tutu's my goodness to own them so old is wonderful what a gorgeous collection you have already. Enjoy them ;-)) Have a wonderful christmas and new year, dee xx

  9. Jo, they are SO beautiful! I always wanted to wear a tutu but was awful at ballet and am now a little too old...( and plump)... What a perfect thing to collect! Jane x

  10. These are beautiful Jo, and the web site you mentioned has the most gorgeous things on it too.
    Sorry you have hurt your back... don't overdo it with the housework!
    Abby xx

  11. Oh Jo, they are just gorgeous!

    I too am sorry to hear that you have put your back out, hope the recovery is quick, Tam x

  12. those are fabulous Jo.. your home is certainly looking very theatrical! Have a wonderful Christmas & please check your emails asap. Lizzie xxx


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