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Monday, 27 September 2010

Pug Party Time

The puppies have just turned one (well Tuesday really) but we thought we would hold a doggy birthday party for them and invited our friends Ruth and Mandy who had two of the puppies from us.

Lola and Sassy with Fonz and Lily

Fonz was a pest as usual and wouldn't leave Sassy alone!

Our friends Selina and Richard also brought their Pug, Rocky pictured here with Mandy's daughter.

The Pugs had a special birthday cake made especially by the Doggy Cookie Company, a local company specialising in dog treats.  They also brought over some pink and blue doggy party bags.

Everybody enjoyed the cake

Rocky eating birthday cake

Hoovering the floor!!

Elvis covered in cake

I love Rocky's face

They all had a wonderful time including the owners!!

To end on a bit of a sad note, we had to have one of our hens, Hilda, put to sleep on Saturday because the vet thought she had a liver tumour.  I was really upset as she was my favourite and such a lovely character.  We brought her home and she is buried in the garden.

Jo xx


  1. Aww Jo i am so sorry for your loss but its lovely that you bought her home. I remember when i was a child my dad used to burry all our animals my mum and dads garden must be pretty full now thinking about it. I was smiling the whole time watching the pugs enjoy their party great photo's ;-)) Dee x

  2. What a delight to find you Hesta. Knew I'd like your style once I saw the ecclectic mix of funeral director dream, hens, pugs, making and vintage thrown in - eccentrics always seem to be drawn to these characterful dogs. We have Alfie Blue, but would love a wee girlie Pug too, not sure Alfie would like sharing laps and cuddles mind you. Already have a name ready for the day when we have all those hundreds of pounds saved up.

    Sad to hear about your hen, apparently cancer is quite common in them. My husband who's the softest man in the world had to kill one of ours recently to end her suffering.

    I'll be back for more of a read later.

    Lisa x

  3. awww I love your pug party they are just so cute and what a great idea to have a cake for them all to enjoy .
    sorry to hear about your hen its very sad we hope to have hens when we move and I am learning so much about them xx

  4. I love the pug party; especially the snap of Elvis with cake all over his face! SO cute! So sorry to hear about your hen. My other half has hens and he has one that he loves dearly (called Marjorie) that is getting old now. All of his hens definitely have their own character so it must be very sad to lose one.

  5. I adore your blog as a fellow Pug owner, and I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news :( x

  6. A great pugs party. Glad everyone enjoyed it. So sad about your hen. We have a favourite called Rosalind but she is very young yet. Don't know how we will cope with losing them when the time comes. But, life goes on. All my children had their various pets buried in the garden. Best wishes. Ann x

  7. Dear Jo, sorry to read about your hen. She was a real beauty. At least in her life she had space, kindness and love shown to her so she was a lucky girl. Your party looks so much fun. I do know a Rocky. He is a boxer (as in gloves and man) so your Rocky makes me smile. And the cake is fab. xx

  8. Birthday cakes for doggies....I didn't know there was such a thing!
    I hope the "humans" had their own birthday cake too...
    Julie x

  9. I want to go to a pug birthday party too! What fun!

    So orry to hear about your hen....it's always sad to lose them.


  10. Love the Pug Party, looks like such fun!! But so sorry you lost one of your hens, wev'e lost two in the last month and it's soo sad :(
    Take care xxxx Hannah

  11. So sorry to hear about your poor hen :( bless her..
    Absolutely LOVED seeing the pug party.. Elvis just looks so cheeky.. I showed him to my daughter and it's worsened the 'pug madness' in our household... we're desperate to get some :)


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