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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Something for the Gentlemen

The new object of my desire or should I say, objects of my desire arrived in the post this morning.  A pair of conker brown leather 1st World War Artillery Officers field boots, complete with spurs.  I am completely in love with them and have spent most of the day gazing at them.  I know, a strange thing for a woman to collect, but I love everything about them, the colour, the feel of the old leather, the history of them, and the fact that they are in the most wonderful condition for their age.  They come complete with their original boot trees made by Maxwell of Dover Street in London, they are apparently the oldest remaining bootmakers in London.

As you already know, I have a penchant for vintage leather, especially the conker brown variety.  Another recent purchase was from my friend, Ros, at The Snug in Ashburton, Devon.  I bought a vintage brown ammunition case from her for a great price as it needed cleaning and repairing and I knew hubby would enjoy restoring it - which he did magnificently.

Hubby repaired two sides that had come unstitched, and then gave it a thorough clean and fed it with leather food and finally buffed it up.  It looks as good as new now.

Another recent purchase is the large leather trunk on the floor, again all it needed was feeding with leather food and cleaning up.  These old trunks are great for storage and also displaying my other collections of gentlemen's ephemera.  I love how ladies and gentlemen were so stylish years ago, and goods were made to last.

But, it has to be my boots, my heart beats fast every time I look at them - crazy, I know!!  Hubby keeps giving me strange looks.  Hope you have all had a great week, almost the weekend again.  I am looking forward to Stamford on Saturday and meeting Annie from Vintage at the Corner House again.  I am doing a fair in Northampton that she and her friend Debbie have organised, the poster is on the sidebar of my Blog, would love to meet anyone that can make it.
Jo xx


  1. I shall be attending the Northampton fair too and look forward to meeting you. Trunks seem to be the flavour of the month at the mo and I was lucky to acquire one a couple of weeks ago. It is canvas covered wood but has leather strapping along the back where the hinges are but this has split and is very crumbly in places .... do you or your DH know what I can do to repair it please .... any advice would be gratefully received. x

  2. Hi Jo,
    the boots are lovely and look great as part of your display. Can't wait for Saturday.
    Ann x

  3. oh I'm there with you on the boots!
    Somethings just HAVE to be had :00))

  4. Wonderful boots Jo and great displayed with your leather box, bag and fab flag!
    Hope you have a great day at Northampton....
    Julie x

  5. Very handsome boots, i like very much! Beautiful colour too. xx Hannah

  6. Ps. Meant to say i hope the fair goes well today too :) XX

  7. Ho Jo,
    I can't find your e-mail address on your website. I run a vintage fair called Love Vintage and was wondering whether you would like to have a table. My e-mail address is: ohovelyone@googlemail.com. Thanks! Samantha


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