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Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekend Naughties

Here are some of the treasures from the weekend.

A beautiful Barbola Mirror and Victorian/Edwardian evening bag with the most beautiful gold thread embroidery and plum coloured velvet to the reverse.

More baskets!!  The front one being a rather lovely vintage bicycle basket, just need the old fashioned bicycle to go with it now.

I have wanted an antique Apothecary jar for as long as I can remember, we have eventually found one, albeit, a little damaged but it is a beautiful, elegant piece.

I fell in love with this Rococo ceiling rose made from copper and showing signs of Verdigris, I am going to use it at Christmas as a centrepiece for a flower arrangement or to hold a candle.  I love architectural antiques.

A pair of vintage rowing oars dating from the 1930's for when Mr.G goes to Henley!!!

Yet more copper candlesticks and a lovely mill bobbin.  I think we would be alright if there was a power cut with the amount of candles we have.  I love lighting them as the dark evenings are drawing in.

We were so pleased to find a vintage porch lantern.  We particularly wanted an old one and as luck would have it we found a pair, both with panes of glass broken, but enough to make one complete one.  Andy rewired it and hanged it in the porch and voilĂ  one old lantern working again!!

Finally my bed time reading (and day time too as I can't put it down), the story of the wonderful and courageous Douglas Bader, a really inspirational story.  I also love with film Reach for The Sky starring the gorgeous Kenneth More.

Oh yes, and by the way, they are my reading glasses, I was mortified when I realised I needed them, just hope the false teeth aren't next!!

Have a great week, and thank you to all of you who leave such heart warming comments, I adore reading them.
Jo xx


  1. The Barbola mirror is beautiful.
    You have some really great finds.

  2. All lovely finds...the apothecary jar is tremendous...to find one, even if it is damaged is so fortunate.
    I too have the dreaded reading glasses, I can't operate my phone now without them!
    Julie x

  3. after a while reading glasses become so comforting; you know that the world will begin to make sense once again as soon as you put them on!
    Here's to the false teeth :)))))))))))))

  4. Gorgeous finds.. I recently found a large mill bobbin and they are so lovely..
    Tamzin X

  5. Great finds - I particularly love the jar - it's fabulous!!


  6. Great finds Jo, the oars are brilliant they remind me of the displays in the Jack Wills shops I have to frequent with my lovely girl.
    Ann x

  7. What a fab weekend of finds i love the mirror and the bag really beautiful.x

  8. Some lovely finds, you are lucky to find the jar

    can't imagine waking up to see your teeth smiling at you
    Cate x:)

  9. Good grief, it's just gorgousness after gorgeousness - especially that apothecary jar.


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