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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Vintage Quilts

As you have probably gathered, I am addicted to antique and vintage textiles, particularly quilts of the Durham and patchwork variety.  I love the colours, the feel of the old cottons, the fabrics they used, everything about them!

An ancient log cabin quilt I purchased many moons ago, the fabrics the person who made it has used are so beautifully matched.  It was probably made from scraps.

This is my latest acquisition, from Chris at The Antique Linen Cupboard.  I spotted it on her Blog, she has some beautiful textiles for sale.

Again, this quilt would have been made from scraps of fabric that were left over from making clothes, quilters would not have gone out and specially bought fabrics to make quilts.  

I have used this lovely old hexagon quilt to cover my side table in the lounge.  Quilts can have lots of different uses as well as bed covers.  I use them on tables or for draping over the sofa as a throw.  I also make them into cushions when they are past saving.

I love this old patchwork quilt, especially the little hearts appliquéd down one section.  The colours are still beautiful on this quilt.

This quilt has no real set design and the quilter has randomly pieced shapes to form the quilt.

One of my gorgeous Durham quilts from the North of England, famous for their beautiful wholecloth quilts, and so beautifully hand quilted.

I love the fabrics, so pretty.  As well as dealing in vintage textiles I also hoard them!!  I just love folding them at the foot of the bed, or draping them, they are like pieces of art work in their own right.
Jo xx


  1. Jo, what a fabulous collection of quilts you have, I particularly like the one with the applique hearts.
    I hoard quilts too and fabric and curtains and....I think I might have a problem!
    Julie x

  2. I love the hearts quilt and the beautiful faded Durham quilts.
    Ann x

  3. They are all so lovely such patients
    Cate x

  4. That is quite a collection you have there and everyone of them is lovely.

  5. Aww they are a real labour of love and such a pleasure im sure to have made them. I love the little hearts and love the roses of the last one very shabby chic and very pretty ;-))

  6. Love them to pieces, they're beautiful!!! Very useful, as the weather gets colder too!!

    Sharon xx

  7. Jo, I am i total quilt envy heaven. What a glorious collection and your words about them are so true. I don't have any alas but I aim to make up for that sorry fact. I saw a post on Emily's Blog from Some Girls Wander about quilts. Here is a link. xx

  8. And they keep you warm and snuggly too. You have some very beautiful quilts. I particularly like the one with the hearts.


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