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Saturday, 30 October 2010


As you will see from the following photographs, the cottage now resembles a vintage fair!!  I will explain all.......

32 Eiderdowns and quilts, 11 hatboxes and vintage hats, leather flying helmet goggles and scarf (for you know who!!), vintage leather handbag and evening gloves, cushions galore........

Vintage mannequins galore!!!!

Our dining room is no longer a dining room!!!

An absolutely divine table top mannequin that is a keeper, complete with her original 20's top.

A Georgian leather fire bucket.

Baskets to look through!!

Boxes to look through!!

Now I will explain.......The lady I bought Ava from  is moving abroad and cannot take her collections with her.  She very kindly offered the remainder of her wonderful collection to us rather than it go to auction.  She has been collecting for over 30 years!!  Andy and I have had to beg, borrow and steal to raise the money to buy everything (although I can say it wasn't an extortionate amount).  I think she wanted the collection to go to people who would appreciate and cherish it.  A lot of it will stay with us as we are collectors first and foremost, but there will be some goodies for sale once we have ploughed through all the boxes, too numerous to photograph!!  I am tooooooo excited as you can imagine!!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  Will post again soon and let you all know how I am getting on.
Jo xx


  1. ah, now I see why you were otherwise occupied today! How fantastic, what a "haul" - I have had a few in my time & know how it feels.. blissssss. Lizzie x

  2. ooooooooooooooh lucky you..looks like a super haul!

  3. My goodness!!What a collection....Let me know what you will be parting with (probably not much I would imagine.....)
    The Georgian fire bucket would go very nicely in a certain old house in the Tyne Valley!!
    Julie x

  4. wow..lucky you, especially those mannequins! Lucyxx

  5. Woweee Jo! What an opportunity & lucky you!!

  6. Amazing. Fantastic. You must be so thrilled to become the owner of this fascinating collection. What a wonderful, exciting time you are going to have when you go through it all. Ann x

  7. O wow it looks like christmas has come early in your house ;-) Your going to have great fun looking through it all, it looks amazing and beautiful. Enjoy and have fun ;-)) Dee x

  8. Oh my word, I would be in heaven looking through that lot ! Anyway hopefully see you and some of your lovely goodies in a couple of hours.
    Ann x

  9. Hi Jo, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog - it's nice to 'meet' a local blogger. I shall be keeping a look out for the pugs and pug mobile!
    .... and wow it looks like heaven there and all those eiderdowns - I just want to roll around in them!
    Have a fun weekend!

  10. Hi Jo
    How fantastic, I bet you didn't collect it in the sports car!?
    T X

  11. Hi Jo
    I am hyperventilating just looking at the photos, goodness knows how I would have felt to really have the opportunity to acquire such a wonderful collection...
    Lucky girl ~ I look forward to seeing some of your gorgeous treasures!
    Ali x

  12. Wow!!!!!! Now I can see why you needed your pennies!!! How fantastic!!!!! I'm stunned by it all!!!

    Sharon xx

  13. Wow what a fantastic and beautiful collection, you must be in heaven! It was lovely to meet you in Northampton the other week, will catch up again in the cotswolds Linda xx

  14. That's everyone's dream - WOW, lucky you. We are all green with envy!
    Ruth x

  15. OMG Jo.. you lucky lucky girl!!!! So many beautiful things (and so many beautiful mannequins).. I wonder will you be selling any?
    All I can say is..I might just pop over for a cup of tea... and I will be bringing a big white van.. to pinch stuff when you're not looking! lol ;-P xxx

  16. What an amazing collection that you have bought over ! Wish I was nearer in distance so I can come take a closer look! Happy Autumn!

  17. Thank you for your blog comment.. you are of course on the waiting list for the next VB!!!! Lizzie x

  18. OOOOooo Jo, how exciting! I wish I was there going through it with you!
    Please, please don't forget the pictures!
    Have a great weekend,
    Kind regards,
    Donna x

  19. Wow, you must be in heaven! Well done. Good luck with sorting it all out! The fire bucket's amazing!


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