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Saturday, 16 October 2010

I am In Deep Trouble

I have just won a beautiful vintage advertising mannequin on Ebay, and am now in serious trouble with hubby as he has to go fetch!!!  I often do this and have to do lots of grovelling when he has to drive miles to collect my purchases!!  He works in Middlesex during the week and the mannequin is over in Margate.  He is getting his own back as he has to take my Beast as she will not fit in his sports car!  I have now got to drive a sports car all week that doesn't like me very much.  I also look totally un-lady like entering and exiting the vehicle, and nearly always spin the back end as I accelerate too hard!!  But my new lady will be worth all the hardship I have assured him.  I will do a post on her when she arrives. 

This is one of my other advertising mannequins, my new one will possibly take her place in the window.  I don't quite know what the locals will make of a naked lady posing in the window, they already think we are quite eccentric!!  The dreaded sports car is in the background awaiting me.
I have also been tagged by Loo of Jumbles and Pom Poms  Here are my answers:
1.  What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I always wanted to be a Funeral Director and still do.

2.  What do you like most about where you live?
I love living partly in the countryside, but also with great transport links to places like Birmingham, so we have the best of both worlds.

3.  If you could only rescue three things from your house what would they be?
Ooh this is a hard one as there is so much, apart from hubby and son it would be Pugs.  For inanimate objects it would have to be Mr Gillette and quilts.

4.  What's your favourite book?
My favourite book has to be 'Garlands Galore'  written by Hugo Irwin, an elderly gentleman I nursed many years ago.  It was all about his life as an oil merchant in the 1930's in India.  A fantastic insight to life in the Raj.  

5.  What's your favourite room in your house?
Probably my kitchen.  I have always dreamed of owning an AGA and couldn't live without one now.

6.  What's your favourite joke?
Probably not printable for those of you with a nervous disposition.  I have, however managed to think of a clean one:
Why do elephants paint their toe nails red?
So they can hide in cherry trees.
What is green and goes red at the touch of a button?
Kermit in a liquidiser.

7.  What would you most like to change about your house?
I would love a new conservatory, preferably one made of green oak!!  My hubby is reading this and choking!!  Can't think why??

8.  Do you believe in love at first sight? 
I would say lust rather than love, but that soon wears off!!!

Hope I have done you proud Loo, now I have to pass on the questions to four others, so watch this space.
Julie from The Cloth Shed
Ann from Vintage at the Corner House
Dee from Dee Dee's Vintage Retro Delights
Michelle from Little Wren
Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Jo xx


  1. JO
    you have no soul - sports car for me everytime!!!
    T X

  2. What men will do for love! ;-)

    Mr C had to drive over to Cardiff to collect a mannequin I bought on ebay a few weeks ago too!


  3. That mannequin you already have is AMAZING. Can't wait to see a photo of the newest purchase.

  4. The sports car doesn't sound too much like a hardship to me ! I will have a think about my answers and do a posting some time soon, thanks for including me.
    Ann x

  5. Thanks for tagging me Jo.. I have never been tagged before!!! I've now written my answers to the questions.. but must say.. I'm getting very annoyed with Blogger. It will not let me have spaces between paragraphs. If this carries on.. I shall have to defect to another blog site I think! xxx

  6. I love your answers Jo and I'm really looking forward to seeing your manniquin. Funnily enough I was looking at manniquins on ebay yesterday! I love the photo you posted, in particular, the lampshade with pompoms is exciting me greatly!! Have a good week! xx

  7. I love your present mannequin already! Always wanted one myself but they are normally so expensive so I probably would have to make one eventually. Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan.


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