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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Stratford naughties

It's been horrible weather again today and apart from having five bored Pugs we had two very bored people this morning.  So what do bored people do??  They go antique hunting in Barn Antiques near Stratford Upon Avon!!  I can thoroughly recommend a visit if you are ever down this way, they have many dealers spaced over the two floors and antique and vintage items ranging from a few pounds to the more expensive end of the market.  I can guarantee there is something for everyone.  My friend Liz Morris who deals in vintage and antique French pieces always has some beautiful fabrics for sale from her own collection, and it is her stand I have been raiding this morning!!  She must have known I was coming.  

A gorgeous yummy Toile De Jouy pelmet

Another scrumptious antique Toile De Jouy curtain

An absolutely beautiful vintage French gilded mirror which is soooo shabby chic!!

Another patchwork cushion I have made, with the most beautiful faded eiderdown fabric around the borders, I have a bit of a dilemma over this one!!

Some more beautiful vintage French fabric from Liz.

From another dealer I bought this gorgeous bolt of vintage blue linen, a very heavy weave, but perfect for backing cushions.  I have two lovely pieces of Blue Toile De Jouy that this will just be perfect for.

My final purchase was a perfect paisley eiderdown, in lovely condition and also destined for my fair next week in Totnes.  Andy also bought a lovely 1930's cabinet that he is going to restore, so I reckon there is another Blog post on the horizon with some before and after pictures.  This next week is going to be one for organising all my stock ready for Totnes and being busy with the sewing machine.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Some lovely buys Jo ... toile is just timeless and reminds me so much of my fave B & W transferware pottery. The paisley eiderdown looks perfect to snuggle under as winter draws in. Good luck in Totnes.

  2. So much loveliness, I love the mirror.

  3. nice fabric must have a go at making some cushions one day :) do you know the best way to wash feather eiderdowns i have a couple of early paisley ones which could do with a wash ?
    cate x

  4. Hi Jo - isn't that funny, the eiderdown would have been coming with me to Totnes if I had gone to the Barn yesterday as I had planned, but was too lazy to drive the 10 minutes there!
    Tracey x

  5. Love the fabric and I adore your patchwork cushions. I've got to make some - immediately!

  6. Oh Jo! I am deeply envious! I have searched for lovely fairs like those you visit in my neck of the woods.. to no avail. We hiked across London yesterday to a vintage fair, but it was just clothing and very pricey. In two shakes, I'd happily just up and move to the countryside.. where I could rummage all things vintage for the rest of my days! I love your finds.. well done you :)

  7. not just naughty, but VERY naughty.
    And how do we justify it- by buying things "to sell" and do they get sold...??
    {As I sit here surrounded by a heap of fabric that was going to be photographed for eBay... Alas, I can't do it so back it goes into the linen cupboard...;))}
    How wealthy we would be if we were'nt in love with it all, and how much sadder our lives would be
    Have a lovely week

  8. Fabulous haul, love that toile pelmet.... think I need to come shopping with you next time!
    Julie x

  9. Hi Jo,

    my what lovely finds ;-) I love the mirror and the eiderdown. And your patchwork cushion is just beautiful. Dee x

  10. Oh dear Jo I have toile de jouy envy! I love those fabrics and the pelmet is stunning,cant wait to see where you will put it,and I too cannot ever resist another eiderdown!xx


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