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Monday, 11 October 2010

Wonderful weekend in Totnes

I have had a fantastic weekend in Devon, and have come back absolutely shattered!!  Even though I am suffering now it was worth all the effort and the crazy driving on the M5!!  On the way down I always pay my friend Ros a visit in Ashburton to see what goodies she has in the shop (The Snug).  Of course, she had lots of lovelies and I did not come away empty handed.

My treasure haul from the weekend. The lovely basket is from The Snug, as is the Autumnal coloured linen and the gorgeous vintage French tie backs which I couldn't resist.

This scrummy little vintage French fabric bag will possibly end up as cushions, and my Mum found me the vintage linen covered buttons and mending cotton.

This sweet little embroidered brooch came from the Nostalgic Mix fair.  The fair was a real success, Lesley had organised it superbly right down to the last detail.  I am afraid I did forget my camera (trust me!!) but you can see some pics if you go to Sal's Snippets, she took some wonderful pictures.  The fair had a real mix of stands and something for everyone.  The Civic Hall is a lovely venue and right in the heart of Totnes.  The market held below in the Square ran all day, this was one of my favourite haunts when we lived in Devon and I do miss it!!

I was over the moon to find some vintage French Vichy check fabric on Donna Flowers stall, she had some beautiful vintage fabrics and I had to be very strong not to spend all the money I made!!  The beautiful tie backs are gorgeous and will be accompanying me to one of my next fairs.  It was lovely to meet some fellow Bloggers in the flesh, Tracey from the vintage Bothy who I spent ages chatting to, and Liz (The Washerwoman) both of whom had wonderful stands.  It was really lovely to meet them in person after conversing on line for so long.  Tracey and my Mum talked for ages and every time I looked round my Mum was missing.  Tracey is moving to Brixham in the future where Mum lives and they spent most of their time chatting about houses and areas.  It really was a fantastic day and I am only sorry I didn't have the camera with me.

Here's to the next Nostalgic Mix fair, and I will certainly be attending.  It was lovely to meet everyone and a big thank you to Lesley for such a fantastic day.
Jo xx


  1. It was so good to meet you Jo, I have updated my blog on the events too. It really was a special day wasn't it! Liz xx

  2. Hi Jo
    It was lovely to meet you & Carol, please copy the pictures from my blog if you like, I will try and email them to you but I am having trouble compressing files at the moment!!!
    T X

  3. so I still can't tempt you for a wonderful wintery weekend in Dorset at the end of November then...;))

  4. Glad you had a lovely weekend with your Mum and a successful day at the Fair too. Had a look at the photos on tracey@the vintage bothy .....your stand looked so pretty, wish I had been there!
    Julie x

  5. It sounds like you had a great day at a lovely event. You have found some lovely things to bring home too, I love the fabric of the french bag.
    Ann x

  6. It was so lovely to meet you and your mum Jo. Your stall was beautiful. Glad you found the Vichy check before someone else did and I look forward to seeing what you make with it :-)

  7. Hi Jo, thank you for your blog comment. I am always busy, so hopefully 2011 shouldn't be any different.. smile! Will keep in touch & hope to see you at Newark! xx

  8. Hi Jo, me again. Ive just tagged you. Check out my latest post for details. It's totally up to you!!

  9. Wow - it sounds like a fabulous, if tiring trip and meeting blog friends is always precious. It usually feels like you have been friends for a long time...

    Your finds are lovely and I must say I love your cushions in the previous blog entry - beautiful!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog - so nice to receive!

    Wishing you a lovely, candle-filled weekend!
    Helena, The Swenglish Home


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