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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Vintage Fairs

Here is a selection of some of my items I am taking to the vintage fairs I am attending - the first one is at Derby University on Sunday 28th February (a late booking I might add), more details can be found at www.vintagefair.co.uk. My next fair is next Sunday, 7th March in Manchester, more details can be found at www.discovervintage.co.uk. These are the first two fairs I have ever attended since setting up Hesta Nesta and I am hoping to have got the balance right. It is so hard to price things when you make them, you have to be so careful not to over charge or under charge, my tendency is to under charge as I am never sure if my handmade items will sell. I am really looking forward to setting up the stall as well. The problem with being on line is that you never get to display your items, only for the pictures. I enjoy playing shops and setting up the display. I think it is also nice for people to be able to handle the items rather than see them on a flat computer screen. It is also good to get some feedback from people as to what they want to see.
The photograph above is of my patchwork bag I have made today. Mum gave me two bamboo handles and I decided to have a go at making a bag, something I have never attempted before. I am rather proud of it as it took a lot of work and several pricked fingers as the majority of it had to be hand stitched due to the thickness of the quilt patches.

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